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New Homeowner Tips

Information Every New Homeowner Should Know

Congrats on the new house! Finally, after years of saving up and getting through the relocation process the time has come to move in. Owning a home is scary though and there are certain things every new homeowner should know. Our McKinney movers are sharing new homeowner tips to help you settle in and enjoy your new house.

Things to Know for First Time Home Buyers

Research, Research, Research

Our local McKinney movers cannot stress this new homeowner tip enough. Research is a very important aspect when it comes to owning a home. From the moment you start even looking for a house, you should research potential neighborhoods and homes in the area. Compare the average housing prices, potential severe weather conditions, and even crime statistics. Take note of everything that’s close by for both necessities, such as grocery stores and banks, as well as entertainment, such as parks or movie theaters. If you have children, it’s also important to research the schools before you settle in. You want to make sure your child is getting a top-notch education.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Trust us when we say “you don’t want to be those people.” You know, the unfriendly neighbors. Be polite and kind to the more established neighbors and families in the area. This is a great point on the new homeowner tips that can make or break your experience living in a new neighborhood. Nothing is worse than not getting along with your neighbor or having issues right from the start. Our movers recommend you invite the new neighbors over for some hors d'oeuvres or a casual dinner to start building a rapport with them.

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Now that you are responsible for everything in your own house, you will now be in charge of changing the air filter regularly. Many new homeowners actually forget about this tip. The easiest way to remember to change the air filter is by setting an alarm on your phone or writing it down on a calendar. 

You want to change the air filter at least every month so that fresh air blows through the home. A dirty air filter will cause your air conditioning unit to work harder and the air won’t circulate as easily. Not only will you be out of an a/c for a while, but as the homeowner, the money to fix it is coming out of your pocket.

Invest in a Toolbox

Important on the list of new homeowner tips is a toolbox. Every homeowner should invest in a toolbox. Even those who are renting should have one as well. This will definitely come in handy when you start doing projects in the new house. Every new homeowner should have the following basic tools in their toolbox:

- Hammer

- Drill + Bits

- Screwdrivers, Philips, and Flathead

- Utility Knife

- Nails (Variety)

- Pliers

- Wrench

- Level

- Measuring Tape

In addition to these basic tools, our residential movers in McKinney also suggest investing in a ladder to help you reach those areas that are too high whether it’s to install a ceiling fan or hang patio lights in the backyard.

Before you can even begin to follow these new homeowner tips, you first need to move into your new house. Our expert movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage will swiftly move you into your house, wasting no time. Call one of our friendly moving consultants to learn more about the services we offer, ask about additional new homeowner tips, and get a free, no-obligation moving quote.