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National Moving Month: Tips & Tricks for Moving to McKinney

Are you getting ready for a move to McKinney within the next few months? Our McKinney movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are not surprised. May is National Moving Month and is considered the kick off to moving season, so that means plenty of people are busy preparing to move into their new home. Among the chaos, it can be quite overwhelming trying to plan out your move to McKinney. With the help of our Texas movers, we can share helpful moving tips to keep you sane during the move.

Change of Address

Prioritize changing your address over anything else. Once you’ve hired our McKinney movers, head to your local post office to fill out a change of address form or go online to the United States Postal Service’s site to update you address. By changing your address about a week or two before you move, you’ll receive forwarded mail at the new address for about 12 months, giving you enough time to update your address with other places of importance.

Along with updating your address with the post office, don’t forget to change your address with the appropriate utility companies. The last thing you want when you arrive to your new home is to arrive in the dark with no water nor gas active. Contact utility companies about a week or two before you move to McKinney to schedule a service cancellation for the old address to prevent from incurring extra charges. After scheduling an end date to the old address, make sure to schedule a service activation for the new home to ensure you’ll arrive with electricity, gas, and water on.

De-Clutter & Donate

Make it easier on yourself and for our Texas movers this National Moving Month by de-cluttering junk you don’t need for you move to McKinney. Take the time to sort through pantries, closets, storage bins, etc. in order to lighten your load for the move. When our licensed movers use our McKinney packing services to pack your belongings, you’ll have a lot less to move once you’ve sorted out miscellaneous items.

Don’t just discard everything you no longer want – donate instead. For clothes you no longer need, give back to your community by donating them to places like the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and Habitat for Humanity. This way, you’ll be lightening your load to relocate while giving back to those in need. If you have a huge collection of books, donate them to schools and public libraries as they’re always in need of a new inventory of books.

Sometimes, people have trouble parting ways with their treasured books, which is why services like Media Mail exist. Media Mail by the USPS allows you to ship a box with 20 pounds worth of books for just $12, so there’s no need to stuff your books in the moving truck.

Moving with the Moving Experts

When you select our Texas movers as your first-choice in relocation services, you’re guaranteed first-class customer service you can’t find anywhere else. For over 20 years, All My Sons has helped families and businesses relocate across the country, giving us the experience you’re looking for. Call us today for your free moving quote.