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Moving Timeline

There is no doubt that moving to a new home is a very stressful process that includes lots of hard work and preparation. Planning your move in advance will allow you to have a smooth experience and even save money along the way. By following a moving timeline and checklist, you can be sure to stay organized and ready for moving day. The McKinney movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to help you prepare for the best moving experience possible. We have created the ultimate moving timeline for your next move to McKinney.


8 Weeks before Moving Day


With 2 months before moving day, it’s important to start getting organized and create a plan for your move. Create an inventory list of all your items and decide which items you will be tossing before the packing process begins. This is the perfect time to get rid of your clothing or other belongings that you know you will not need in your new home. We also suggest that you create a folder with all moving-related documents such as a moving company’s quote and or contract (if you decide to hire the professionals). Before you hire a moving company, you should perform research on the different companies in the area to get a feel for the services and prices they offer during the 2-month mark.


6 Weeks before Moving Day


At this stage of the moving process, you should start to purchase the proper packing supplies like moving boxes, labels, bubble wrap, and packing paper. Most likely, you will need different sized boxes and you can find sturdy ones from a moving company. You should also donate or sell those items that you want to get rid of at this point in the process. Our McKinney movers suggest that if you have kids, you should notify the school about the move and obtain school records to add to your moving folder. Don’t forget about copies of you and your family’s medical records as well.


4 Weeks before Moving Day


With a month to go before moving day, you should secure a moving company that you feel comfortable with and one that provides the services you need. You should secure the date and make sure that everything is in place for you and your kids on the actual day of the move. You should also start the utilities process and find out how to set this service up at your new home or apartment. It’s also time to figure out your food situation. You should be using up the food items during this time in order to not waste so much food. You will need to plan in advance and make sure that all your food is cleared out before moving day.


2 Weeks before Moving Day


As moving day creeps up, you should complete the change of address form and notify your banks about your new address. At this stage, it’s time to start packing your belongings and taping up the boxes. You should also focus on cleaning your old home so that your move won’t be filled with clutter. Take the time to pack an essentials box that includes items that you will need when you arrive at your new home. You should travel with this box and make sure that the movers know to not pack this box on the moving truck. Contact your moving company to confirm the date and time.


1 Day before Moving Day


You have finally made it! It’s almost moving day and you should make sure that you have all moving documents handy and ready to go. Clear out all rooms and make sure that everything is packed and ready for the movers to take over.


Moving Day


It’s finally here! Now you can relax and let the professionals take over. For more information on the packing and moving services the McKinney movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage offers, contact us today! We can handle your entire move from start to finish.