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Avoid These Moving Mistakes!

Let’s face it; there are a hundred ways a move can go wrong. Combining the stress of moving, having to plan it out perfectly, remembering every detail, the packing, the hauling, the unloading, the bumps, and bruises – it can be a lot to handle.

At All My Sons Moving & Storage, our priority is to make your moving process easier, so we’re offering up some of the top moving mistakes to avoid for an easier relocation.

  1. Research Your Moving Company

    Anyone can claim they’re a great moving company, but you should check for important things like reputation and reviews. These are important factors when it comes to selecting someone to handle your most precious materials from one side of the country to another. Don’t just pick the cheapest or the very first mover you see – go for the All My Sons quality.

  2. Failing to Get a Moving Estimate

    You wouldn’t pay for any other service without knowing the price, so what makes moving any different? Shouldn’t your moving company provide you with a proper estimate of what your move will cost? Our McKinney moving service will walk through each factor of your move to help calculate what our moving services will amount to, and you can rest assured that we stick to our word.

  3. Not Buying the Proper Packing Supplies

    Sure, you can try to load all your precious household items into random bins and bags that will probably rip and end up breaking. Or you can do it the right way and buy the proper moving materials to ensure your items are kept safe. Our McKinney packing company has everything you need to protect your most treasured items, from specialty boxes to protective padding and everything in between. Let’s make sure your items arrive safely and in one piece

  4. Not Giving Yourself Enough Time

    OK, you’re moving next month and you’re going to start packing two days before? WRONG! Never try to rush the packing process. If you have your moving date you should start packing months ahead of time. Our team recommends starting with the least used items as far as six to eight weeks before you move and saving the most important things for the very last minute before you walk out of your door for the very last time.

  5. Forgetting to Label Your Boxes
    Our moving team has just moved nearly 50 boxes to your new home, but none of them are labeled, which means you’ll be digging through 50+ boxes looking for your toothbrush. OR, you can label every single box and exactly what’s inside it, allowing you the ease of knowing exactly where to find that toothbrush, your bed sheets, dishes, or anything you need at the moment.


All My Sons Moving & Storage offers a team of qualified McKinney movers that can help you pull off the perfect move. Whether you’re moving to the neighborhood down the street or across the country, our team has the tools, tips, and tricks to help you execute it without stress. Scheduling your move with All My Sons is the first step to a move done right.