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Packing Your Home for a Long-Distance Move to Maryland

You may think there can’t be much of a difference when it comes to making a move that is long distance compared to your average cross-town move. Well strap in, because your long-distance movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage of Maryland are here to tell you exactly what you’ll need to make a successful long-distance move.

First things first: pack everything with the mindset to go the distance. You will want to make sure nothing has is loose or will be able to topple over when you hit a little bump in the road. Reassure yourself that everything is secure and put some packing tape on any containers that have the chance to spill over on their side. Pack with the consideration that boxes can make the trip even if they tip over. With that being said, old and used boxes are a definite no for long-distance moves. No matter how much high-quality packing tape is used, old boxes are not worth the risk for this kind of trip.

Don’t forget to get insured. Chancing it on a short move without moving insurance is one thing, but taking the chance in a long-distance move is like playing with fire. Chances are if anything goes missing or is broken there’s no way to really be sure where things went wrong.

After you get yourself some insurance, use packing supplies to pack yourself a specific box of items you’ll need immediately upon arrival. In here you should have personal documents, licenses, social security cards, passports, birth certificates, etc. Additionally, any documents that you will need if you had anything shipped to your new residence should be in this box. Along with these documents, is your first night toiletries, clothes and bed linens for a comfy nice sleep for your first night in bed at the new house.

Be sure to check any furniture and other items that you keep outside for extended periods of time. You will need to inspect them for insect and other larvae that you do not want at the new house as well as getting a charge for contracting the larvae into the moving trucks.

Long-distance movers are make one definite recommendation. Pack your mattress in a box. There are special boxes for mattress that you can purchase. You will receive some type of damage to your mattress if you do not properly pack it for the move. Whether it is water damage, broken springs, or just plain filthy from all the dirt particles. Your mattress will never be the same once you arrive.

Plan ahead. There’s nothing worse than driving all that way to your new house or building and figuring out that there are move in regulations. There’s no worse feeling than arriving with all the excitement to finally start moving in and realize you must wait for the approval for move in to begin.

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