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5 Packing Tips

Many people in Maryland dread moving and resign themselves to a stressful, exhausting ordeal. However, this doesn’t have to be the norm. Hiring the right Maryland movers is an essential first step toward making a move manageable, but doing the following five things before the movers show up can also make the process go more smoothly.

Keep the Essentials Together

When moving, it’s best to avoid making assumptions about how quickly unpacking will be finished or how easily packed items will be found. Instead, it is smart to create a purse, bag, or container full of items that may prove crucial during the first few days of the move. These could include chargers, toiletries, medications, and personal planners or organizers. Items that will be helpful during unpacking, such as cutting tools, cleaning supplies, and trash bags, should also be placed with the essentials.

Make Possessions Do Double Duty

During packing, consider creative ways to use personal items as padding or containers. For example, soft items from towels to socks can stand in for bubble wrap when breakable items are being packed. Dresser drawers can serve as pre-filled boxes of clothing. Inventively using items that will be packed up anyway can save space, money, and packaging waste.

Be Generous With Labels

Even people with superior memories will forget exactly which items were placed together in which box. The easy solution is to put detailed labels on each box as it is being filled. Labeling where the box belongs is a great first step, but specifying whether a kitchen-bound box contains breakable glassware, occasional-use cooking appliances, or basic plates and cutlery is even more helpful. Labeling makes it easier to stay organized and choose the right boxes to temporarily ignore or store elsewhere.

Inventory Belongings

If Maryland movers will be taking some personal belongings to different locations during the move — for instance, self-storage or a helpful family member’s home — keeping a detailed list of those items can save stress and confusion later. A quick look at the inventory list can prevent hours of futile searching. Additionally, in the event that items are damaged or destroyed while in storage, a list can be invaluable during the insurance claims process.

Spend Time Before to Save Time After

When packing to meet a deadline, it can be tempting to hurry through the job and deal with the mess after the move. However, taking extra time to pack in a logical, organized way can save hours of frustration later. Although some people may think they would rather save the hassle for after the move, it’s better to have energy and time to focus on more pressing issues, such as starting a new job or helping children adjust to a new school and daily routine. Packing properly before the move ensures that the transition afterward will be easier.

As a final takeaway, preparation is the key to a successful move. People most often find moving stressful when they rush into the task without allowing enough time or effort to get everything done. Taking the time to find the right Maryland movers and put a full effort into packing is the best way to make moving as stress-free and simple as possible.