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Packing Timeline and Packing Products Checklist

If you choose not to invest in packing services from a Maryland moving company, this packing timeline and checklist created by All My Sons Moving & Storage of Maryland will make the packing process a breeze! Follow it closely and before you know it, your entire home will be packed up.

The first thing you need to do is get packing products. You should start doing this a few weeks out from moving day to ensure that you have enough time to pack everything up. You need boxes, padding, blankets and tape. You can purchase sturdy boxes from a Maryland moving company, or you can get them for free. You can go to liquor stores, grocery stores and other retailers. If you want to purchase padding you can get packing paper and bubble wrap to cushion fragile items. You can also use socks, towels and t-shirts to save some money.  The same goes for blankets, you can use simple house blankets to save money on packing products.

Let’s start with the kitchen. You should start using up your food a couple weeks before moving day- there’s no point in throwing away food. The refrigerator should be defrosted at least two days before moving day. The plates and bowls should be individually wrapped since they are the most fragile. The same goes for glasses. The glasses should be individually wrapped and stuffed with packing paper for added protection. Silverware can be packed in small boxes, sorted by function. The sharp knives should be stored in their own separate boxes to keep everything safe.

To pack the dining room table, you should remove the legs. Individually wrap the table and legs in blankets. You should do the same for the dining room chairs- if possible. Disassembling your dining room furniture makes it easier to move fit everything in the moving truck.

The living room has a few more elements than any other room in the house. Your couches and chairs should be disassembled as much as possible, then wrapped with protective packing products. If you have the original packaging for your electronics this is the best way to pack them. If you don’t have the original packaging, securely wrap your electronics and put them in boxes, filling any empty space with packing paper. It’s important to remove any glass from TV stands and shelves, and they should be wrapped in blankets. Artwork and mirrors should be wrapped up with protective packing products and packed in boxes made specifically for mirrors. When packing books, CDs and DVDs, don’t make the boxes too heavy.

Now it’s time to start packing the bedrooms. You should break down any beds and place the hardware in plastic bags and tape them to the headboard. The mattresses should be wrapped in plastic to keep them clean during the move. Pillows and blankets can be packed in garbage bags and these can be used as space fillers on the moving truck. Any hanging clothes are best kept in wardrobe boxes, because you can easily unpack them at your new destination. You can keep the clothes that are in the dresser drawers there for easy transportation.

You should try to pack all of your bathroom into one box because more than likely, you’ll want to set up a bathroom as soon as possible at your new place. Keep this box handy- in your car or make it the last box on the truck. It may also be a good idea to purchase extra packing products just in case there’s more to pack than you anticipated!