Moving Can be Hard on Kids

Families have to move for all kinds of different reasons. People may relocate for happy reasons like a new job, a fresh start or an occasion like marriage or going away to college. There are also reasons for moving that may be less happy. Some people are forced to move because of natural disasters, socio-economic reasons, or traumatic life events like divorce. Whatever the reason, children are often negatively affected by a move, especially moves that are precipitated by a tragic event.

Moving Away From Friends

Children may be upset over a move because friendships may be disrupted. Learning how to develop and maintain meaningful relationships is crucial to childhood development and young children often feel very strong emotional bonds with friends and playmates. It is also important to keep in mind that a move is also hard on the child in the friendship who is “left behind” when his or her friend moves away. Luckily, modern and relatively cheap technologies like cell phones and Skype may make is easier for children to stay and touch and more easily maintain friendships. Children may also find it fun and engaging to practice “old fashioned” methods of keeping in touch like writing letters.

Moving And Depression

Research into child psychology shows that children often feel the emotional effects of a move more strongly than adults do. It is believed that this is partially because children are not involved in the decision to move. This exclusion from the decision making process can impress upon a child that the move is out of his or her control, resulting in anxiety. These feelings are typically enhanced when the move is a result of a tragic or stressful situation in the family because parents will usually be stressed and distracted and the overall atmosphere in the home will be tense. Children feel depressed, but will show signs of depression in ways that may be different than the way that adults normally do. Kids may act out, have trouble sleeping, or become hyperactive.

How To Make Your Move Easier On A Child

We know all about moving here at Maryland movers. We advise families to try and become active members of their new communities. Establishing comfort and stability and getting involved in community projects and activities can help the members of a family adjust to their new surroundings. Joining a sports team or another recreational group can help children make new friends. Children also generally have an easier time adjusting when they are kept fairly busy with fun or engaging activities. Boredom and down-time can sometimes contribute to feelings of sadness or aloneness over a move.

By being attentive to your child’s behaviors and reacting to these behaviors with patience and support, you can make your move easier for him or her. It may also help to make the move as stress-free as possible. Whatever the reason for moving, it can be stressful for the whole family to pack, move and unload. Hiring professional movers like the ones at Maryland Movers may help your family make the transition by taking some of the pressure off of mom and dad.