Grow Houses: An Explanation

Mikey and Zeina Kostelny bought their first home in Altadena, California and they couldn't have been happier. The house looked like a dream with everything renovated, fresh paint, carpet and all. This dream soon became their nightmare. According to MSN.com the happy couple discovered problems that were hiding behind glossy finishes. They found mold, gas leaks and bad wiring all around the house. After having smelled something strange in the house, they decided to have it inspected. The inspection found that there was dangerous mold throughout the house. It cost them over $42,000 in repairs. A few months later, the not so happy couple were forced to move into an apartment because of a fire that was caused by bad electrical wiring. What was the reason behind all of these problems?

It seems like the wave of foreclosures made for a new business: growing Marijuana. In these vacant homes, there were many pot farms that were taking place. There was a dramatic increase in the number of "grow houses". People were struggling with a bad economy and they weren't able to make their mortgage payments and the growing of Marijuana seemed like the only option to many. According to findings from MSN.com, a total of 4,666 marijuana “grow houses” were raided in the United States in 2009.

Mold is a very serious problem when found in a home. It's always recommended to make a careful inspection of the house before making an offer on it. If you notice that the walls are freshly painted, this can be a sign that mold was found and simply painted over. If you're buying a house in Maryland make sure to have the house inspected beforehand. After having passed the inspection, you can then comfortably make that offer. When you do buy that house, don't forget to call the Maryland movers to help you move. Our Maryland moving company is here to make you feel like family. We provide all the boxes, tapes and any supplies you may need. All My Sons of Maryland is licensed and insured and backed by four generations of expert movers. Call us today and let us help you move in a pleasant way.