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Maryland Movers Present Home Doors

When it comes to home remodeling or even curb appeal the door isn't what typically gets the most attention. The kitchen, the bathroom, even at time the landscaping but not the door. But if you had to think about it, the local Maryland movers wonder what do you think your door says about you or your home? Does it say "welcome?" Does it say "You're not invited?" What do you do if your door and doorway don't really send out the message you want to portray?

The local Maryland movers say that you might be able to just get away with a really good paint job. A fresh coat of paint in a lively color can make a big difference. However, if you feel it's outdated or just isn't in good condition, try shopping for a new one at a home store or even a door specialty shop. You can even custom order a door for your home by choosing how many panels you'd like, the glass option, the color and other types of preferences.

The local Maryland moving specialists have noticed that the home doors made of steel, fiberglass and wood are the most popular materials for outside doors. Some options have a combination of all three because of the different parts of a door such as the frame. Steel doors are mostly popular with homeowners who are concerned with security, making it the top priority. These types of doors are also the least expensive when you're not jazzing it up with sidelights and premium hardware. You can choose from various finishes including polyester and wood-fiber coating. The local Maryland movers learned that according to a 2011-2012 Remodeling Cost vs Value Report, replacing a dilapidated door with a new mid-range20-gauge steel unit complete with dual-pane windows, jambs, aluminum threshold and lockset costs about $1,238 with 73% of it being recouped when the house is sold to a new homeowner.

If you prefer wood, know that it's very versatile. There's a wide variety of finishes from oak and cherry to walnut and maple to pine and more. If you have your eye on a solid-wood door, know that you have to have a larger budget. For a complete system including weather stripping, frame and hinges it can cost about $5,000. If it's the wood look you're more into than the actual material or quality, you can go with a stock door with a wood veneer skin and get it at a bargain. Fiberglass-composite door are quite popular for their durability and energy efficiency. Home builders are slowly switching to building their houses with fiberglass instead of steel because they're not susceptible for dents.