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Things to Do Before and After Your Move

Moving is a huge undertaking. Packing and unpacking in itself can take hours and even days to complete. Some people still have unpacked boxes in attics and crawl spaces, left taped shut either because the homeowners were too exhausted or felt it was one thing that could just wait until later. There are a number of things to remember to do before and after your move aside from calling your trusted Maryland movers.

Transferring Your Information

Before you leave one space to get into another, it is important to make sure all your utilities are in order. Call your company and be sure to give them the dates of your move to ensure you will not still be paying for the electricity in your old home. However, you may want to consider giving yourself an extra day or two of power and water in your old home, especially if you will need to go back after the move to clean. Also, be sure to fill out your change of address with the post office ahead of time so you do not miss any mail.

Schedule Your Move

 If you choose to use Maryland movers, call them with a few weeks’ lead time to book their services. This will give you ample time in case you think of questions as you are preparing your items for the trip. Let the movers know if you have any exceptionally large, heavy or fragile pieces that should be handled with care.

Measure Up

The last thing you want is to hear are the movers say, “This won’t fit.” If you can access your new home before the move, be sure to take measurements of all the rooms – including ceiling height. If you can’t get in yourself, ask for a floor plan from the leasing or sales office. Sketch out how you plan to set up you rooms to make sure all your furniture and decor will fit nicely.

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

Cleaning is the last thing you should do in your old place and the first thing you should do in your new place. If you were paying rent on your old space, a thorough cleaning can help you get back all or part of your deposit. If your new home is new construction, you will want to dust, sweep and vacuum thoroughly. New construction homes collect dirt and dust quickly, and you will want to remove it before unloading all your belongings.

Trash and Recycling

After you unpack, chances are you will have piles of cardboard boxes, plastic bags and other garbage. If your trash collection isn’t anytime soon, be sure to take your items to an appropriate disposal facility. You can recycle boxes, either passing them along to someone else who is moving or by taking them to a recycling center.

There are many things to take into account when you are planning a move. Hiring some Maryland movers can help take care of the hard labor so you can focus on the small details, like changing your address and measuring your new space.