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What You Should Know About Auto Transport Insurance

Congratulations on your decision to move to Louisville! Now that your move is official, there is a lot to do before settling into your new home. One of those very important tasks is getting auto transport insurance. Protect you and your vehicle on a long-distance move by staying informed with the expertise of our Louisville auto movers.


What is Auto Transport Insurance?

Transport companies are required to have auto transport insurance to cover potential damages when loading, transporting, and unloading the vehicle. When you’re moving with a car, the insurance policy will most likely be included in the shipment quote. Check that your auto insurance policy does not have transportation coverage. Most auto policies do not, but supplemental insurance may be available for purchase.


Check Your Policy

Before signing any documents, ask to read the policy. Don’t accept the company’s word that your vehicle is protected. Request a copy of the auto transport insurance and verify the extent of your coverage. It’s important to know the details of your transportation coverage, especially the deductible. If you’re unsatisfied with the policy, you may be able to purchase a different insurance package from the company or an outside carrier.


Ask to See the Invoice

As previously mentioned, hauling companies typically provide all-inclusive quotes to customers. Avoid hidden fees by getting a copy of a detailed invoice. This is especially helpful when shopping around for auto transport insurance because most companies provide free quotes. Easily compare costs and make an informed decision for you and your vehicle. Remember that lower cost is not always best when you want to ship a vehicle to another state.


Inspect Your Vehicle

You must confirm the condition of your car before getting it shipped. This is because shipping companies have liability insurance to cover potential damages but are not held responsible for damages due to the state of your car. The company will inspect the vehicle and ask you to verify their findings with a signature. Double-check your car’s condition before and after delivery. If you need to submit an insurance claim, you will have proof of when the damages occurred.


Get Help from the Experts

Moving your vehicle doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Our professionals at All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to make your move to Louisville efficient and stress-free. With two decades of experience, know that you and your belongings are safe in the hands of our Louisville commercial movers.



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