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How to Prepare Employees for an Office Move

Relocating is an exciting time, especially for a company. It means that your business is growing and taking on new heights. Though the process of moving can be stressful, there are ways to prepare employees for an office move so that your relocation process is painless.


Office Relocation Prep

Moving alone is challenging as it is, as many people who’ve had to deal with a residential move can attest. Relocating your office can be even more challenging. Where do you begin preparing for a business move? The team at our Louisville moving company can help you organize your relocation no matter how far away the new location is. Our professionals will make your transition to or from Louisville stress-free and easy. We offer great prices for business moves that will definitely help ease the stresses of moving. We will also plan the logistics of your move for you. Our movers are professionally trained, so you can trust them to take care of all the heavy lifting for you as well as packing, disassembly, transportation, unpacking, and reassembly too!


How to Prepare Your Team for the Company Move

Visualize the new space. Scope out your new location and make a list of everything that needs to be taken care of before preparing your team for an office move. Take the time to visualize the new office layout. Where are the desks going to go? Where are the outlets, phone jacks, and ethernet ports? Is there storage for additional equipment or office supplies?

Pick a moving day. Creating a timeline will help prepare employees for an office move. Use important dates in your business’ calendar to help you decide on the best day to relocate. Also, make sure you’re avoiding any penalties with the property management company in regard to your lease and the moving date you choose.

Notify employees. Give your employees enough notice about the relocation. This way they are properly able to complete any work they may have pending in time for the office move. Especially for long-distance company moves, employees will likely also have to prepare to move themselves and their families. The Louisville corporate movers are equipped to manage employee relocations as well so both the business and employee moves go smoothly.

Update company information and notify customers. Make sure that the necessary clients have your new address. Arrange a mail forwarding service so that any bills or other important documents are sent to the new location as well while you change the address with all relevant accounts, subscriptions, and institutions. Update the address on any printed materials – stationary, advertisements, etc. – as well as digital spaces like the copy on your site.

Clean house. Before preparing your team for an office move, it's best to clean out and shred all the filing cabinets that have files older than 7 years. There is no need to pack, store, and move old documents to your new location.

Take inventory. Make a list of all the company assets, furniture, and other items that employees use. Save multiple copies of this list, including a digital copy, in case it gets lost somewhere. Make it easily accessible so you can pull it up at a moment’s notice if necessary. It’ll help you keep track of everything.

Prepare the new space for business operations. As your team is preparing for the office move, you should also make sure that your new location is ready to hit the ground running on the next business day. Clear the loading zones to make it easier for the Louisville commercial movers to deliver the office equipment, furniture, and supplies. Before the business is up and running once you’ve finally organized the space, check that phone lines and the internet connection are working and all equipment is set up properly so you can actually run the business.

Choose a full-service mover. Our full-service movers are ready to assist you with every single aspect of your move from packing to transport and storage. Whether it’s a local or long-distance relocation, our reliable movers can handle it.


Office Moving Tips for Employees

Communication. Encourage an open dialogue between all employees. Ask important questions about the move, such as the date and time of the actual move, the layout of the new location, as well as the logistics for the move.

Familiarize employees with the new location. Employees are expected to get to work on time so it’s important to know where the new location is ahead of time. This way they can plan their new route to work and make adjustments to their morning routines if necessary. Check out nearby restaurants and coffee shops and share them with coworkers.

Make sure everything is ready for the movers. Make sure everything is packed and ready for the move in a timely manner. All desk items should be properly stored in boxes. Personal belongings should be handled by the employees they belong to prevent something sentimental from getting lost in such a complex company relocation. Label all of your belongings so that the movers and other employees know who it belongs to after the move.


How to Make Office Moving Fun

Party! Celebrate an office move. It’s a great time to boost your team’s morale.  Remind your team that an office relocation means new beginnings and adventures. Celebrate the accomplishments in your old office offering refreshments, food, and activities. Get the team involved and turn it into a potluck. Taking an hour out of the workday to relax in the break room or the conference room with games, music, food, and drinks is not only a way to boost morale, but also to get your team excited about the new possibilities that come with relocating. As you prepare employees for an office move, contact our Louisville local movers to learn more about the moving services we can offer your company to make your relocation simple!