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How to Safely Pack Fragile Items

If you are in need of Louisville residential movers, chances are you will be moving fragile items. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Louisville, we know a thing or two about how to pack fragile items. While there are no guarantees that all your items will make it without a scratch to your new home, especially if you are packing yourself, there are some packing tips you can follow to make this goal much more attainable.

Packing Tips for Delicate Items

Whether an item is valuable sentimentally or monetarily, you will want to know how to pack those delicate items properly so they arrive in good condition at your new home.

Use the proper packing supplies. This is an important step when it comes to packing valuables. If you cut corners when it comes to packing supplies, it is much more likely that something will break. You can find professional Louisville packing supplies at full-service moving companies like All My Sons Moving & Storage Louisville. We have specialty boxes, furniture covers, stretch wrap, and more.

When in doubt, wrap fragile items. Our Kentucky movers recommend gathering a healthy amount of wrapping materials. If you have breakable items, using bubble wrap is the first step to protecting them. 

Pack the heaviest items on the bottom. Whether it is a stack of boxes or within a box itself, items should get lighter as you move upward.

Make sure boxes are secure. Even if delicate items are wrapped, it’s more likely that something will break if it is carelessly thrown into a large box. A secure box will keep your items snug and not make a lot of noise if you gently shake it. This idea also applies to placing boxes in the moving van. You do not want boxes of fragile items sliding around as you head to your new place.

Label the appropriate boxes or items as fragile. This will alert your Louisville movers to take extra care when handling these items and to place them in the appropriate positions.

Take items in your car. If you are concerned with transporting some specific delicate items, consider taking them in your car rather than the moving truck. You will be able to have someone hold onto it the entire trip if necessary. Just make sure everyone is aware that the item is there.

How to Properly Pack Glass

Glass can be one of the trickiest items to pack. Many people looking for guidance on how to pack delicate items can also use advice on how to pack glass and transport it safely. When packing glass, you will want to follow the same techniques to pack fragile items from above, but use extra care.

Wrap glass properly and thoroughly. Drinking glasses should have bubble wrap or packing paper stuffed inside their opening as well as on the outside. This same idea applies to any glass items.

You can buy boxes that are specifically designed to carry drinking glasses. They should have separations to keep the wrapped glasses from touching and avoid the possibility of them shifting during transport.

Entrusting Fragile Items to Louisville Packing Services

The safest way to properly pack fragile items is to hire professionals who offer Louisville packing services to do it for you. We have the professional packing supplies you need as well as the experience to know how to pack fragile items no matter their size or shape. Contact us today to get a moving and packing quote.