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National Moving Month: Tips & Tricks

Planning a move to Louisville within the upcoming months? Our Louisville movers aren’t surprised! Since May is the kickoff to moving season and is considered National Moving Month, many other people will be relocating this season. Just like the others, your life may be going by in a flurry with a bunch of relocation tasks filling up your plate like picking the right furniture for your new home, installing a home security system, or making any final payments on the new home. However, our Louisville movers of All My Sons have more moving tips for you to use for this upcoming National Moving Month.


Update Your Mailing Address

Start National Moving Month by changing your address with places of importance before moving to Louisville. Updating your address ahead of time can help prevent delays in service activation and mail delivery. Head over to your local post office to fill out a “change of address” form or go online to change your address with the postal service. By updating your address with U.S.P.S, you’ll have mail forwarded to the new address for up to 12 months, giving you ample time to change your address with other places of importance such as your bank, social security, or subscription services. Don’t forget to schedule service cancellation with utility companies for the old address and schedule service activation at the new one. No one wants to move into a new home without electricity, gas, or water!


Sort and Donate

For National Moving Month, take the time to sort through your belongings to lessen the load you need to transport to Louisville. Go through closets and storage bins to sort out miscellaneous items you no longer want. Host a yard sale before moving to Louisville to kill two birds with two stones: lighten your moving load while putting money in your pocket since moving can be costly. Whatever you’re not able to sell, you can always donate to charities such as the Salvation Army or Goodwill to help others in need. If you have books you no longer want, donate them to local schools and libraries as they’re always in need of a fresh collection of books. Sometimes, it can be hard for some to part ways with their books. If this sounds like you, you can always have your books shipped to the new home via the United States Postal Service’s Media Mail.1 For just $12, you can ship 20 pounds worth of books, lightening your load for the move.


Moving to Louisville with the Pros

Before you start shopping around for reliable movers, give All My Sons a call. We provide quality, yet affordable relocation packages along with exceptional customer care. For over twenty years, our moving company in Louisville has helped families and businesses move across the country, therefore, you can trust our expertise. Don’t delay, contact our licensed movers today for your free moving quote.




1. United States Postal Service – Media Mail Service