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Moving to Louisville with Children

Out of all the stressful life events to experience, moving into a new home comes in third, after the death of a loved one and divorce.[1] This comes as no surprise, getting ready to move to a new city is a complete disruption to your daily routine as you contact Tennessee movers to help you settle into your new home, change your address on different documents and various organizations, making final payments on the new home, and so on. Nevertheless, if you have children, they’re probably nervous too due to the sudden change in their surroundings. Not to worry, our Louisville movers have got you covered with helpful tips when you’re moving to Louisville with children.


Preparing for the Move

Start getting your children mentally prepared for the move to Louisville by holding a family meeting a few weeks prior. Let them know what to expect on moving day and the whole moving process so they won’t feel caught off-guard. Also, show them pictures and videos of the new home so they can immediately become familiar with their new living situation. Plan a day of fun with them as a reward for good behavior after the move to give your children something to look forward to. Kid stuff around Louisville such as arcades, family entertainment centers, bowling alleys, and ice cream parlors, can be so much fun for them.


Afterward, let the kids pick out décor for their new room in Louisville. Look for things like curtains, bedding, rugs, posters, and string lights in colors they like or featuring their favorite characters so they’ll feel involved in the moving process.


The Big Day

Now that moving day is officially here, it’s time to pay careful attention to any red flags that give insight into how the kids are coping with the move. When our Louisville long-distance movers arrive, introduce them to the little ones to help them look more like acquaintances and less like strangers. Our experienced movers know that children tend to feel unsettled while relocating, so a simple conversation can help soothe their nerves.


After Moving to Louisville

Now that you’re settled into the new home, fulfill the day of fun you planned with the family. Once our Louisville auto movers safely deliver your car, take a drive around to find fun kid stuff to do in Louisville and get to know the neighborhood. Introduce the kids to the new neighbors so they get to know those who live around them. You never know, these very same neighbors may have children of their own for the kids to have fun with. Moving to Louisville with children is a great new adventure for them.


Move into Your New Home with the Experts

When you hire the experienced Louisville movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage, you can expect nothing but the best in customer care and relocation services. We take pride in our work and treat each move as if it were our own. Call us today for your free moving quote.




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