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What is a Louisville Slugger?

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The name Louisville slugger is synonymous with baseball. But what is a Louisville slugger exactly? Well, that question is easy to answer - a colloquial name for a baseball bat. Have you ever wondered where that nickname comes from? And why has it stayed so ingrained in major league baseball history?  

The best movers in Louisville have studied the story and are ready to reveal the real history of baseball’s most famous nickname.

Where Does the Name Louisville Slugger Come From?

Despite legends that the Louisville slugger was the first-ever baseball bat, this is not the case. Instead, it is commonly accepted that legendary Louisville baseball player Pete Browning broke his bat before a game, and a 17-year-old by the name of John Hillerich crafted a new one for him. 

According to legend Browning had a great game with the bat the young man made for him and Hillerich started a Louisville bat company that trademarked the name, Louisville Slugger. The same nickname for Browning. 

The Genius of Hillerich & Bradsby

What is a Louisville Slugger if not an example of great marketing tactics? When a company name becomes the common nickname for an item, you’ve struck gold. Bradsby was an expert marketer and salesman who took Louisville sluggers to the next level through expert marketing tactics, including getting one of the game’s biggest stars to endorse the bat in the form of Honus “The Flying Dutchman” Wagner. 

In the years following Bradsbys and Hillerich’s expert union of craftsmanship and salesmanship, the Louisville slugger became the most popular bat among professional players of the day. Even though the ownership of the company has passed from the hands of the original families to a larger corporation, the bats produced in Louisville keep the name Slugger! There is even an amazing Louisville Slugger Museum where residents and visitors of Louisville alike can stop by and learn more about the amazing history surrounding this well-known nickname.

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