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How to Protect Your Home in Louisville During a Move

One of the main issues people who are moving face is damage to their house. Between the in-and-out of the Louisville movers and the heavy furniture being moved through narrow hallways and staircases, your house is at risk of getting damaged. Knowing how to protect your home in Louisville during a move can prevent this.


Protect the Floor

Rushing to get the job done when moving into your new home will only result in damage. The more time you have to prepare your house for the movers, the easier it’ll be for your movers to efficiently set everything down without ruining anything. You can protect your home in Louisville from damage by protecting the floors with a tarp and old sheets or towels. Make sure the floor is dry before the movers arrive to avoid slipping.


Protect the Walls

Your walls are susceptible to scratches, scruffs, and dents when moving furniture, boxes, or anything with a sharp corner. To protect your home in Louisville during a move, wrap all the furniture with padded quilts. You can also line plastic tarps up on the wall using Command tape that won’t rip the paint off the walls. Don’t hang anything on the walls until you are completely moved in and all the furniture is set. Otherwise, you risk knocking it down if a mover is carrying a large piece of furniture through a narrow space. If you are renting, it’s best to ask the landlord about the consequences of putting holes in the walls and if there’s a way you can repair the damage in order to later get your security deposit back.


Lift, Don’t Drag

Tile floors can easily be damaged by heavy items being dragged across it. To prevent further damage, always make sure to lift rather than drag the moving boxes and especially your furniture. When you’re packing before the move, don’t over-pack boxes and make them really heavy. Keep them light. This will make the box easier to handle as you haul in in and out of the truck and you won’t feel the need to drag it against the floor. A bonus tip from our local Louisville movers: group the moving boxes together by the front door or garage. This will help the movers and they won’t have to walk through the whole house, thus working more efficiently.

Our full-service moving company offers a Louisville packing service. Our expert movers will safely pack all of your belongings with premium Louisville packing supplies, which include padded quilts to protect against scratches, dollies so you don’t have to ruin the floors, and bubble wrap to protect fragile items and keep sharp corners and edges from ruining anything.



Hire a Team of Moving Professionals

The proper moving supplies and local Louisville movers who know what they are doing are the ultimate ways to protect your home in Louisville during a move. Contact our Louisville moving company today to learn more about the services we offer and get a free estimate.