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How to Move Safely

Whether you need to move to Louisville due to work, family matters, or just a personal preference, you’re almost ready to relocate into a new home. You may be tying up last minute details such as updating your driver’s license, registering with a new primary doctor, or forwarding your mail. Yet, among the flurry of tasks, moving safely out of your home may not cross your mind. Moving safely out of your home is just as important as your other relocation tasks. Failure to do so can lead to injuries, which puts you behind schedule. Our Louisville movers can share helpful safety tips you can follow to prevent injuries during your DIY move.

Get a Good Night’s Rest

The night before you move to Louisville, make sure to get a good night’s sleep of at least seven hours.1 The anticipation of moving to Louisville may lead you to stay up all night packing, forgoing rest for your mind and body. A good night’s sleep will help you stay alert and maintain an adequate energy level for the day of your move. Not doing so can lead to a rapid decline in your energy level and you risk injury during your move to Louisville. If getting everything packed on-time is a main concern, choose our Louisville packing services with our trusted movers that have the expertise to pack your belongings safely and securely. 

Don’t Overpack

When you’re packing boxes, always keep the size to weight ratio safety tip in mind. For example, just because you are able to fit 100 pounds worth of books into a medium sized box doesn’t mean you should. Different sized boxes are intended to hold a certain amount of weight, and surpassing the proposed weight puts you at risk of injuring your back and knees. Follow this general rule for packing boxes: no more than 50 pounds for a small box, 65 pounds for a medium box, and 70 pounds for a large box. For extra large boxes, pack only towels, comforters, and clothes, instead of generally heavy items. Even though the box is larger, it’s not necessarily sturdier since some of the larger boxes are usually used for lighter items that take up space, such as paper towels or toilet paper.

Pay Attention to Your Body

Not paying attention to indicators that you need to slow down makes you prone to injury. Listen to your body when it can no longer take the strain of heavy lifting. Don’t bite off more than you chew and don’t keep pushing if you feel pain, stress, or fatigue. Take a break every hour or more if your body needs it. If you opt for our relocation services for your move to Louisville, our Louisville local movers take care of all the heavy-lifting needed to safely move your valuables and furniture to eliminate that stress on your body.

Moving to Louisville is Painless with All My Sons

If you have a pre-existing condition or there’s simply too much for you to move on your own, hire the professionals at All My Sons Louisville to make sure you are moving safely. With two decades of experience moving families across the nation with our Louisville long-distance movers, our Kentucky moving company is here to help you move into your new house efficiently and on-schedule. Get started on your move to Louisville by giving us a call today for your free, no obligation moving quote.



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