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How to Make your New Louisville Home Cozy

Moving into a new home might feel weird at first. You crave the coziness of your old home. The Louisville movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage have some tips to combat the initial awkwardness, especially that first night. Keep reading to see how you can make your new Louisville home cozy and comforting.


Set the Ambiance

You don’t need to break the bank or go over budget to make your new Louisville home cozy. Light scented candles and switch the light bulbs to a warmer tone. A dimmer light can help create an ambiance in any room and are relatively inexpensive. Try replacing the lights in your bedroom and living room, areas where you typically snuggle up with all the warm and fuzzy things.


A Touch of Color

Dark walls are extreme and stark white walls wash out a home and make it feel cold, like a museum. If your home doesn’t get much sunlight and you want to brighten up the space with white, opt for a creamy or warmer tone of white. To make your new Louisville home cozy, choose deep, earthy, muted, or soft colors like mustard yellow or a sage green, soft blue, and even shades of gray. Whether you are naturally drawn to warmer colors or cooler colors, there will always be a shade that will give your home that cozy vibe. If you are renting a home and aren’t allowed to paint the walls, then use artwork, tapestries, and other decorative elements instead. Throw blankets, plush chairs, and even pillows will help. Small pops of color here or there can add variety to the space and make your house inviting.


Include Plants

A touch of green here or there can make your new Louisville home cozy. Plants are a great way to spruce up your house without adding permanent fixtures. Indoor plants add life to a space and promote a Zen atmosphere in your home. Some plants even purify the air in a room, which is especially beneficial if you have allergies. Just adding a few plants to your home will help improve your overall mood. If you don’t have a natural green thumb and are worried about taking care of a plant, there are plenty of plants out there that actually thrive by being left alone, such as a snake plant. Do a little research to see which plants are appropriate for the amount of light and humidity in and around your home. If you have children or pets, be careful which plants you choose as some of them are harmful to the kids or pets.


Cook in Your New Home

The best way to make any home feel more inviting is by baking some of your favorite treats. Nothing warms a house up like the smell of fresh-baked cookies out of the oven. You can also invite friends and family to your new home for a dinner party. The aromas of your favorite meals and the sound of laughter from your loved ones are really all you need to make your new Louisville home cozy.


A Positive Mindset

Before you know it, your new house will soon feel like “home” once you’ve lived there for a bit and you start creating memories there. Our local Louisville movers just want to remind you to keep a positive mindset. If you are struggling with depression and anxiety after a move, always seek help from a professional.