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How to Better Organize Your Time While Moving

Moving can be time consuming and stressful, especially if you are moving last minute. All My Sons Moving & Storage Louisville are full-service movers in Louisville, Kentucky that want to help you organize your move and save time while moving.


Packing Efficiently to Save Time While Moving

If you pack on your own, do not get bogged down with the process. While you want to pack everything correctly and securely, do not over stress about what goes in each box. As long as the boxes are packed by room and labeled, you should be fine.

While you are packing, sort as well. Pull out items that you will need immediately like medicine, cleaning supplies, and personal hygiene items. Do this while you are packing to avoid having to rummage through multiple boxes later. Put these items together and keep them readily available.

 As you pack, start a pile of items to trash and items to sell/donate. If you have a lot of time before you move, do this as you go. While you are searching through your closet for the perfect outfit, pull out the clothes that you never wear. Do not get carried away with the sorting process, especially if you are moving last minute.

Keep the proper packing supplies (bubble wrap, packing tape, etc) handy and make sure you have more than enough, especially when moving last minute. You can buy professional packing equipment from Louisville moving companies. A big time waster is having to go get more packing supplies. You will also probably want more than one of these items to avoid having to pass them back and forth between packers.


Hiring Movers in Louisville, Kentucky

Save time by researching Louisville moving companies and hiring one to do it for you. Full-service movers in Louisville, Kentucky will probably be able to not only load/unload the truck in a shorter amount of time than you, but they can also pack for you. If you only hire them to load the truck, make sure the house is move-out ready. Everything should be packed and there should be a clear pathway.


Cleaning Efficiently for Your Move

If you live in an apartment, you understand the importance of cleaning to get your security deposit back. As you pack up, spend a few minutes cleaning the newly empty space rather than jumping from room to room to clean everything at the same time. Save cleaning the floors for last, as people will be walking in and out of your home frequently during the moving process.

If possible, spend some time cleaning your new home before moving all the boxes and furniture inside. You won’t waste time having to move items around as you clean. While running the vacuum once over in an empty house is probably a good idea, people are sure to track dirt in during the moving process so skip the areas that will experience the most foot traffic.

While there are many moving companies in Louisville, All My Sons Moving & Storage Louisville are here to make your move as efficient as possible.