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The Best Neighborhoods in Louisville

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As the expert Louisville movers, we get asked our fair share of questions regarding where to live in Louisville would be best. And the truth is that there are a great many neighborhoods in the city that are great and for different reasons. We made this overview of three areas that could be seen as the best neighborhoods in Louisville, along with the reasons they made the list. We hope this makes your move smoother now that you know which areas in the city proper and surrounding Louisville suburbs are our top picks. 

Clifton Heights

What makes this area one of our top choices for Louisville, Kentucky’s best places to live? How about the fact that this neighborhood offers incredibly affordable housing while not forcing sacrifices to quality of life! The budget-friendly housing options of Clifton Heights are located just minutes from downtown, making this perfect for young professionals and families operating on a budget. Louisville neighborhoods that are this amazing don’t often come at such affordable prices. So if that is your priority, you need not look any further than Clifton Heights. 

Hayfield Dundee

Being one of the best neighborhoods in Louisville means offering safety and growth opportunities for the families living there. Hayfield Dundee is without a doubt one of the best places to live in Louisville for families that are looking for a safe place for their children to learn while they receive an amazing education at some of our city’s highest-rated schools. Although it is located a bit farther from downtown than Clifton Heights, it certainly isn’t far, a mere 20-minute drive!

Bonny Castle

Bonny Castle is one of the safest places to live in Louisville. It’s counted among the top 5% among safest areas in the city, but that’s not the end of the appeal. Wonderful restaurants and schools, a strong sense of community, and multiple parks make this your one-stop-shop for the best the city has to offer. Rent in this area is rather affordable, but this district is more well-known as a home buyer’s paradise. 

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