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3 Ways to Save Money When Relocating Your Business

Moving your company is a big deal.

There are many reasons why you would want to relocate your business. If your business is expanding, you may want to move into a bigger office. You may want to relocate your business to a state with a lower corporate tax rate.

Whatever the reasons, you’ll likely want to save money when relocating your business. At All My Sons, our movers in Louisville offer a wide range of relocation services that will fit your budget. Below are some other ways you can save money when relocating your business.


1. Create a Detailed Plan

Business relocations are complex undertakings that require extensive planning beforehand. When hunting for your new office space, contact economic development agencies to ask about local incentives and tax rates that will benefit your company. Once you are set on the location, work with a commercial real estate agent to find the best deals.

Before choosing a space, discuss with your employees what they want in the new office — things that are not working for them in the old office that they want fixed in the new one. Choose the office that best fits their needs and preferences.


2. Make Smart Office Purchases

An effective way to save money when relocating your business is to decide which office items and equipment to keep and which ones to upgrade. If your employees liked the office furniture they already use, you should move that furniture to the new location which will save you the cost of buying brand new desks, shelving units, and other pieces.

If you have old electronic equipment, like computers and printers, consider upgrading. It will cost you upfront, but since most business is now done electronically, buying newer and faster electronics will be worth the investment. Lastly, review the services your business currently pays for (phone, internet, cleaning, etc.), and identify which ones can be ditched or replaced with better deals.


3. Hire a Moving Company

If you choose to relocate your business yourself, a lot of time will be spent by your employees planning and performing the move. The more time employees spend on moving, the less time they can concentrate on working which can lead to significant losses in productivity and even revenue.

Avoid that by hiring professional movers in Louisville that offer business relocation services. At All My Sons of Louisville, we’ll make sure to efficiently relocate your business with as little interruption to your business operations as possible.   http: