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Top 5 Barbecue Restaurants in Kansas City

If you have just moved to Kansas City and you are looking for some traditional food to satiate your taste buds, look no further than the Kansas City style BBQ. One of the cities most beloved traditions is its great slow cooking style BBQ. From CEOs to local Kansas City movers, at some point everyone around the city finds themselves in these great spots. There are even a few famous restaurant mentions on this list and some restaurants recommended by legendary chefs. Bring your appetite and let’s dive into some of the best barbeque you’ll likely have.

Woodyard Bar-B-Q - What lands Woodyard on our list of the best barbecue restaurants in Kansas City is its authentic feel and classic barbeque style. It’s the typical spot you would imagine when thinking of a traditional, down to earth restaurant. Cooking up good food and leaving room to make good memories.

LC’s Barbeque – Moving through Kansas City, it would be hard to miss LC’s. Like one of the other mentions on this list, LC’s is now housed in the remains of an old gas station. Must be a hip choice for BBQ joints in Kansas City to take over gas stations; that or there were just too many gas stations around the time that BBQ became popular.

Q39 – Perhaps one of the most modern barbecue restaurants in Kansas City is Q39. Rob Magee, a national barbeque champion, calls Q39 his home. Magee uses his 30 years of experience in barbeque to craft some of the best sauces and smoke flavors you will likely have in your lifetime. If you are wondering how a national barbeque champion is only 3rd on All My Sons’ Kansas City movers’ list that should tip you off to how outstanding the second and first choices are. Next up…

Arthur Bryant’s – After 80 years of serving some of the best Kansas style BBQ, Arthur Bryant I still attracting enthusiasts and foodies to this day. There have been a host of public figures and celebrities who have pulled up a chair in this famous joint. From Steven Spielberg and Wilt Chamberlain to American Presidents Harry Truman and Jimmy Carter. And the number one barbecue restaurant in Kansas City, drum roll please….

Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que – Step into what used to be a gas station. They aren’t serving unleaded gas or roadside snacks anymore, it’s serious barbeque business these days. Included in the list of high praise reviews Joe’s has received in the past few years, the famous Kansas City joint found itself on the list of “Thirteen Places to Eat before You Die”. The lists author, Anthony Bourdain, placed Joe’s in the company of 12 other restaurants that are known as some of the best in world. If that doesn’t peak your interest in this fantastic spot, I’m not sure what will.

The above list should keep even the most avid BBQ aficionado occupied and knuckle deep in sauce. Each restaurant boasts some of the best and oldest recipes for barbecue in Kansas City. The only thing they have in common: it seems no one can agree on the spelling of Barbeque, Bar-B-Que, BBQ. Who knows? What matters is the taste and making sure that you knock each off your list of things to do after moving to Kansas City.

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