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Hosting House Guests

Having friends and family come visit is a common occurrence around holidays, birthdays, Spring Break, and more. Inviting friends or family into your home for a stay requires a certain amount of preparation on your part, and it's certainly best to be over-prepared. Here at the Kansas City movers, we want to ensure that you and your home are ready to offer comfort and coziness to your pending house guests. These little touches are easy to do, and your extra efforts will certainly be noticed by guests.

Clean and Made up Bed Linens. This may seem obvious, but it is an essential in preparing a room for guests. You should ensure the bed is outfitted with a fresh set of sheets and dry cleaned duvet.  You won’t have to change them during the day, but a fresh set for them to come to your home to is required. Special touches like a small box of cookies or chocolates will give them the hotel feel, and it will be a nice little gift for your guests to enjoy while staying with you.

Scented Candles & Air Fresheners. Pop in a Glade plug-in with a relaxing scent to fill the room with a fresh scent. Additionally, get a candle in the same scent so that they can light at their leisure. Candles are also symbolic of relaxing and comfort—so they are an important part of creating a peaceful vibe. Some people have allergies, dislike, and other problems with particular scents, so be sure to get something floral or clean scented rather than vanilla or cinnamon scented as it may annoy your company.

New Towels & Hand Towels. Buying new hand towels and towels is a relatively inexpensive gesture that will add to the luxurious feel of their stay. Have everything neatly folded and hanging, the way hotels do, and have a stack of folded washcloths on the sink ready for use. Don't forget to give them a hamper to toss their dirty towels in too.

Clothes Hangers. Not everyone chooses to live out of their suitcase. Provide them closet space, or at least an armoire or rolling rack, so that they can hang their clothes if they please. Also, drawer space for folded items and undergarments is important. Women often pack dresses or wrinkle prone fabrics like silk and linen, and men like to have dress shirts hanging rather than wrinkling.

Toiletries. People forget things when they travel. Make sure your guests have the comforts of home by purchasing extra shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, and also toothbrushes and toothpaste. Keep all of these items in their quarters so they won’t have to ask you for anything or hunt around too much.