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Finding Packing Products in Kansas City

One of the most vital aspects of relocating is getting your hands on the right packing products. Every move has different needs and the packing supplies used can vary. For example, moving from a one bedroom apartment is not necessarily the same as moving from a large house. When beginning your search for packing products in Kansas City, our professional movers and packers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have outlined a list of items and resources to suit your needs.  

Where Can You Purchase Packing Supplies of the Highest Quality?

One of the most commonly sought out items for relocating individuals and families is the cardboard box. The type of boxes you need varies depending on what you’re packing and the quantity of your belongings. If you opt to use a moving and packing service in Kansas City, then you’ll likely be set as they carry supplies on hand for sale if they aren’t already included in your moving package. These packing products can often be purchased in various sizes to accommodate all your moving needs. As a starter, you’ll be needing:

Small Boxes – For small or lightweight items such as books, tools, small appliances, jewelry, silverware, bathroom products, and office supplies.

Medium Boxes – For Pots, pans, shoes, video & board games, toys, towels, small appliances, electronics, clocks.

Large Boxes – For large lightweight items such as Lampshades, Stereo Speakers, Board Games, Stuffed Animals, Pillows, Clothing, Towels and Linens

Additional packing products in Kansas City that you may want to purchase from your packing supplier: Scissors, sharpies, box cutters, shipping or duct tape, bubble wrap, furniture blankets, sticker labels and rope, twine, or bungee cords. 

Where Can You Locate Free Packing Supplies?

Sometimes moving happens unexpectedly and you don’t have the opportunity to budget accordingly. It’s in these situations that it’s a good idea to try to find free packing supplies.

Search online and in newspapers for packing products that other individuals no longer need. People are always looking to offload boxes that they have lying around the house. This is a great way to pick up half of what you need without spending a dime.

Check in with your friends and neighbors before getting yourself stressed out about finding packing supplies. As soon as you know that you will be moving, ask your friends and neighbors to give or loan you any scissors, rope, dollies, etc. that they aren’t using. They may also be able to reach out through their own network for packing products in Kansas City.

Book stores, supermarkets and furniture stores are also a great resource for finding strong boxes. They’re happy to give them away once they’ve done unpacking their products. If they don’t have any available at that moment, ask them when they’re expecting a new shipment of inventory so that you can come by and pick them up.