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Easy Home Renovation Ideas You Can Complete During the Holidays

You have finally completed your move to Kansas City and are settled into your new home for holidays. All My Sons Moving and Storage of Kansas City suspects you’ll begin wanting to scratch that itch to renovate but may be wary it’s too much to take on during the busy holiday season.

If you have the desire to transform your new house into a home that reflects you and your family’s personality, our local Kansas City movers encourage you to start small and go for it! There are several quick and easy home renovation ideas you can complete during the holidays that with upgrade your home while maintaining a stress-free environment. To get you started, our Kansas City movers have put together their favorite concepts for minor home renovation that make a huge impact.

1. Paint – Painting is the number-one cost efficient way to upgrade and refresh areas in your new home. Choose light and airy colors for smaller spaces to open them up and warmer colors for bedrooms to encourage relaxation and tranquility. Be sure to purchase high-quality paint and painting materials and research how to properly paint a room to give areas in your home that professionally-done look.

2. Upgraded Appliances – If you’ve moved to Kansas City and into a home with dated kitchen appliances, there’s an easy solution. Upgrade your appliances using one of the many zero-percent financing deals available at your local home improvement stores. New appliances immediately upgrade the look of any kitchen and are usually more cost and energy efficient than older models.

3. Crown Molding – Your new home is missing out on a whole lot of charm if it doesn’t have crown molding. Head to your local home improvement store and purchase crown molding that is easy to install, such as Trimroc Interior Plaster Mouldings. It stays in place, dries easily, and creates smooth cuts and edges.

4. Replace Door Knobs – Upgrade both the interior and exterior of your home by replacing old door handles and knobs. Find a new front door handle you love and switch out interior doorknobs with upgraded uniform ones. Get even more creative after moving to Kansas City, and replace vanity and dresser knobs with antique or vintage ones you find at a garage sale or consignment store.

5. Recaulk – If the caulking in your new bathrooms is dark and moldy, consider recaulking. Caulking is an inexpensive and easy way to brighten bathroom tiles, making them look more new, fresh and clean.

6. Backsplash – Besides the outdated appliances, does your kitchen look like it needs a facelift due to old backsplash tiles or there being no backsplash at all? Consider using an inexpensive piece of stock material to protect the walls above your kitchen counters. This may be a weekend-long project, but our local Kansas City movers believe you will be thrilled with the outcome once you’ve finished.