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Packing for College Dorm Life

Study up on Packing for Dorms 101 to ace your move-in.

Hit the books and pack like an A-student to make your college dorm life as fun and exciting as all the movies and TV shows make it seem. Though starting college and moving into your first dorm is as thrilling as it sounds, getting to your new room to discover that you completely forgot a comforter is not.

The Illinois movers have a few tips for packing for college like a seasoned pro. This way you can stress less about moving and look forward to your new dorm life.


1. Follow a College Checklist

Before even starting to pack those miscellaneous desk items and posters, get a college checklist to guide your packing process. Most universities and colleges provide their new students with one of these, along with a list of disallowed items, as well. If not, there are plenty of great college checklists online. A quick google search should do the trick.

Packing for college is so much better with an easy-to-follow roadmap of what you need to bring for successful dorm life. This way, you won’t end up bringing twelve posters and no bed sheets. A college checklist will keep you on track and focused to achieve your college move.


2. Get Everyone Involved

Yep—that means everyone—parents and students. Sometimes, either the student or the parent does a majority of the preparation, but things work out best when both parties are involved. The student should be allowed to customize their room in the way they want, purchasing and packing items that they wish to see in their dorm. They’re the ones living in that closet-sized dorm, so they should have the most say over what goes in it. Even so, parents should still be involved to help and make suggestions along the way.


3. Lookout for Savings

We have four words for you, future dorm life students—Bed, Bath & Beyond. This retailer has tons of great end-of-summer, college-life savings. They sell endless varieties of comforter sets which even include sheets, pillows, and other components in addition to comforters. There are so many styles to choose from, as well, from boho to soho.

There are also great sales on other necessities like coffee-makers and Keurigs. Wait for these sales to save a bunch of money while packing for college.


4. Don’t Overpack

This is definitely one of the most important tips for packing for college dorm life. Dorms are tiny, and by tiny, we mean closet-sized tiny. Don’t forget that the student probably only gets half of this space too, if he or she has a roommate. Pack accordingly, and pack only the bare necessities. You probably won’t need a giant beanbag plus that fluffy chair; there will be no room. Follow a college packing checklist to sort out what you need from what you don’t.


Your Illinois movers want students to succeed in school and in dorm life, and the first step to this involves packing for college. On the bright side, it will definitely be easier than those dreaded final exams.