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5 Packing Mistakes You Are Making and How to Avoid Them

Getting ready to move can be a lot to handle sometimes, especially if you are moving on your own. We understand that sometimes people just want to get the job done themselves. DIY packing is harder than it seems! Trust our professional Franklin Park movers to help you avoid these packing mistakes and teach you the best way to pack for a move.


Avoid These Packing Mistakes When Preparing for a Move

Not Planning a Packing Strategy
One of the easiest packing mistakes to make is to not create a packing strategy. You do not want to just start throwing random things in boxes because that seems like the quickest thing to do. That will only lead to wasted time and a lot of frustration. Instead, make a plan for packing your belongings to stay organized and get through packing faster.

Packing Before Sorting Everything First
Without a packing strategy, you could run into another packing mistake – not sorting through your belongings in the first place. Not sorting through your belongings first is a costly packing error you should avoid. The more stuff you have, the more money you are going to spend on packing materials and moving services, as rates are often calculated based on the total weight of the entire shipment. Storage services are an added cost you may have to consider when you are moving with a lot of stuff. Not sorting through your belongings is a major packing mistake that could end up costing both time and money for things you aren’t even going to keep.

Thoughtless Packing Techniques
When packing yourself, there is no one else to claim responsibility for your belongings other than you. So basically, if you break it, you fix it. One of the most common packing mistakes to avoid is just mindlessly wrapping items in paper and placing it in a box. This is often not enough protection, and your items could end up damaged during the move.

Forget to Label Boxes
It’s easy in the moment to think you’ll remember the contents of a particular box, but relying on memory is one of those packing mistakes that will cost you more time when you’re ready to unpack your new home. Though you have an idea about how your moving day will go, sometimes the situation turns out differently than you imagined, and you will not remember which boxes contained what items. If you don’t know where anything is, imagine opening multiple boxes just to find a towel so you can take a shower after a long day of moving.


Try These Expert Packing Tips Instead of Making Packing Mistakes

Prepare a Packing Plan
One of the best expert packing tips is to start with a good plan. Once you have your moving date set, our residential movers in Franklin Park suggest that you create a schedule and a packing list where you jot down specific daily tasks leading up to moving day. These tasks should be detailed and strategic to be effective.

Sort Belongings to Keep Vs. Donate
After you have created a moving plan, it's best to start sorting through your belongings to see what you no longer need. This will minimize the amount of stuff you have to pack as well as the number of moving boxes you need to buy, thus, saving you time and money! Not too sure where to begin when it comes to getting organized? Our local Franklin Park movers can tell you how to declutter before you move.

Pack Your Belongings with Care
Another pro packing tip: make sure that you are packing your belongings with the right materials to make sure that they are transported safely. We recommend using our Franklin Park packing supplies so that you can guarantee your items will arrive at your new home undamaged. Our full-service moving company has everything you need to move your home safely. From packing paper and bubble wrap to moving blankets and dollies, we can help make sure you are on track throughout the moving process.

Label Moving Boxes
Our professionals recommend labeling each box as soon as you’re done packing it and taping it up. Knowing what is in each of your boxes allows you to load the moving truck properly, so ensuring that your fragile items are not stacked or damaged. This expert packing tip will save you so much time as you unload and unpack your belongings in the new house.

Our team of moving experts knows the best ways to pack for a move and is here to help you get ready for your next move. As a full-service moving company, we offer the best packing services in Franklin Park. We can get your home ready for transport in no time! For a free, no-obligation quote, contact us today!