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Get Crafty with It: Packing Hacks

Moving to a new place can bring a lot of unwanted stress into your life. The most grueling part of moving? Packing. Our Illinois moving company has created some helpful packing hacks to help you get the job done.

Making a List

Creating an inventory list for all the items you have is a great packing hack to make sure all your items are accounted for and get packed. Write down all the items or boxes you have and slowly create an inventory, checking off items that have been packed and stored away. You can also separate the boxes by room, so your house won’t be cluttered with all the boxes you have.

Be Realistic About Packing

We are all guilty of trying to do something last minute, but packing isn’t one of those things you can do in one day. Be realistic about the time and effort that you have to put into packing. Give yourself at least a couple of weeks before you have to move. Knowing that you have more time, instead of waiting until the last minute, will not only help you in the packing department but can save you the stress that would follow if you didn’t plan accordingly.

Donation is Key

While sorting through your items, consider donating to a local charity the items you don’t use anymore and are gently used. In order to create space and save you time, a packing hack our Illinois moving company always suggests to our customers is to think of a donation facility you can give your gently used items to. Start fresh when you move to Franklin Park. Let go of the past or let go of that shirt and jeans that you don’t wear anymore. There are plenty of people that can benefit from your donations.

Hiring a Packing Service

One of the best packing hacks is to not do the packing yourself! Consider hiring a team of movers who can help you pack up your house. Why would you want to pack on your own when you can have professionals come to your residence and help you? Our Franklin Park movers offer packing services to make it easier for you! We have a team of dedicated movers who can pack your house up in a fast and efficient manner and then unpack in your new house. Not only do we pack, we also supply you with all the packing supplies you need for your upcoming move to Franklin Park.

Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage Franklin Park our Illinois moving company is here to help you with packing and moving. Contact us to learn more about our other moving services and how we can help you move to Franklin Park without the stress and hassle.

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