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The Best Public Schools in Franklin Park

Relocating to a new town can be a tough transition for your family, especially your children. Your kids will be in a new environment, so you must ensure it’s a safe and efficient learning facility full of opportunity to grow. Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with our community; our professional Franklin Park movers are here to share the best public schools in Franklin Park.

Best Public Elementary Schools in Franklin Park

If your children are five years old before September 1, they may begin kindergarten at one of the best public elementary schools in Franklin Park. In the state of Illinois, primary schools are home to grades kindergarten up to 5th grade. Our residential Franklin Park movers are here to share a few options for elementary schools in our community.

1. Passow Elementary School

One of the best public elementary schools in Franklin Park is Passow Elementary School. There are over 400 kids placed in grades K-5 with a 15:1 student to teacher ratio. Their mission to provide all children with a quality education in a safe and nurturing environment that is motivating and encouraging. Your kids will be in the hands of incredible educators who are caring and knowledgeable.

2. Dan H. Pietrini Elementary School

If you are looking to send your kids to a smaller school that doesn’t shy away from excellence, then you should check out Dan H. Pietrini Elementary School. There are roughly 250 students currently enrolled in this public school between grades PK-5. Your kids will be in a classroom with an 11:1 student to teacher ratio. There are excellent staff and informative educators who are driven by learning and helping.

Best Public Middle Schools in Franklin Park

There is a reason why middle school is called the middle for a reason, and that is because it’s in the middle of your educational career. Your preteens will be on their way to adulthood in no time, but first, they must attend one of the best public middle schools in Franklin Park. Check out our suggestions by our local Franklin Park movers.

1. Hester Jr. High School

One of the best public schools in Franklin Park is Hester Jr. High School. Over 400 preteens are enrolled between grades 6-8. There is a smaller class size of 13:1 student to teacher ratio while the state average is 15:1. Your children will have access to excellent teachers, a strong curriculum, extensive extracurriculars, and pleasant staff and community.

2. Lincoln Middle School

Another great option for public middle schools is Lincoln Middle School in Schiller Park School District 81. Over 400 brilliant students are in grade 6-8 with some of the best educators in the district. Your kids will be trained to reach their highest academic and social achievement. Diversity is encouraged, and students are open to express their ideas and creativity.  

Best Public High Schools in Franklin Park

The final step before your kids enter the real world is high school. Your kids are no longer preteens as they begin to blossom into full-on teenagers and on their way to adulthood. Our Franklin Park long-distance movers understand the importance of high school and have a few options for the best public high schools in Franklin Park.

1. East Leyden High School

Your teenagers will be in grades 9-12 among the 1,700 other students at this excellent school. This is an excellent option if you are interested in sending your children to a school with a smaller class size of 12:1 student to teacher ratio. There is a proper balance between traditional courses, along with challenging honors and AP classes. You can also find an abundance of fall, winter, and spring sports like soccer, swimming, football, and bowling.

2. York Community High School

One of the best public schools in Franklin Park is York Community High School. You will find this exceptional facility in the Elmhurst School District No. 205. This large school is full of over 2,600 pupils between grades 9-12. York Community provides its students with the highest quality of education, helpful staff, intelligent educators, and a wide range of extracurriculars.


While transitioning into the Franklin Park school system can be tough, our moving company hopes you feel a little more confident in your selection. As you prepare for your relocation, keep in mind our suggestions. Call our team today if you need any assistance with moving to our community.  


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