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Getting Ready For School Again – Tips and Tricks

Summer has long gone and now you need to prepare for the new school year. Getting ready for school again as parents is overwhelming and exhausting. There is so much to plan for and organize. Our Franklin Parks movers, however, have got the tips and tricks to help you prepare not only your children but for yourself for school once again.


Buy School Supplies Early

The first tip to get ready for school again is to avoid the rush and buy school supplies early. At the end of the previous school year, if you still have unused school supplies, save them for the next school year. Stores usually stock their Back-To-School inventory as early as July! While other families are on vacation, take the opportunity and go shopping for uniforms, shoes, and school supplies. If the school year sneaks up on you, order school supplies online and pick them up in store or have them delivered straight to your house.


Create a Calendar for The School Year

The school year is usually a really busy time as the school hosts several events, especially the closer we get to the holidays. Not to mention all the extracurricular activities your children participate in after school. The calendar gets even more complicated if you have more than one child. Ease the upcoming workload by creating a calendar to organize and keep track of everyone’s activities. School functions, parent-teacher conferences, and all the little extra things in between will be easier to manage if you can see them in a calendar view because you can. Make the calendar accessible to everyone else in the house so they to do not have to ask mom or dad what is happening in school that day. If your child is learning or has just learned to read, add a note on the side that includes a simple weather forecast, what’s for lunch, and maybe even their chores for the day. This will give your child more independence as well as teach them to follow directions.


Practice Makes Perfect

Getting ready for school again means going over morning and after school procedures with your kids until they get it right. Make sure they remember the route if they normally walk to school. If your child is going to take the bus, make sure they are familiar with their bus stop both before and after school, the bus schedule, and the bus rules. If the school sends forms ahead of time, make sure to fill them out and have them ready for the first day of school.


Adjust Sleep Schedule & Daily Rhythm

Two weeks before the school starts again, start enforcing school night curfew so your kids readjust their sleep schedules. Summer is the time to stay up late and not follow the rules. It can be hard to get into a proper sleep pattern, so allow your body to adjust beforehand so that you are prepared for back-to-school mornings again.



As stressful as it to get ready for school again, it is also a reason to celebrate. Your children are growing up and learning new things! Getting ready for school again could be fun and a great way to motivate your kids to embrace the upcoming year.

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