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How to Safely Pack Your Very Valuable but Delicate Items

Deciding to hire a professional moving company should be the best option if you want to make sure your valuables are 100 % safe from damages, especially if you are going to move a piano or move a television. Our Chicago relocation service team has come up with some safety tips to teach you how to safely move delicate items.



Before you begin you move to Chicago, it is imperative you follow these steps to on how to safely move your valuables. The first step our Chicago corporate movers recommend is taking an inventory of your valuables. Write down the condition they’re in, listing possible scratches or issues. This way, you won’t panic when you unpack your items at your new home. Make use of your cellphone camera, you want to be very thorough on the conditions of your items.

The next step our Chicago relocation service team recommends is gathering supplies you will need to transport these valuables. To safely move, you want to gather boxes, blankets, tissue paper, bubble wrap, stretch wrap, and extra padding. All these services can be performed by our professional team of movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage Chicago, we can even pack and unpack the valuables for you, so you don’t have to stress about breaking an item or not packing it correctly.


Small Things Travel with You

Our Chicago corporate service providers do not suggest trying to cram small things in a box with larger shaped items, your valuables are important and usually hold some sentimental value. Trying to cram everything into one box is a risk. Instead, or Chicago relocation service providers suggest taking these items with you. Buy extra bubble wrap and padding, tape the sides very well so nothing slips or slides. Small items like tea cups or glass items can sit with you in the car, don’t place any heavy boxes on top of it or around the area of your valuables.


Packing Correctly

You must have the proper tools listed above in the valuables section, but our Chicago corporate movers also suggest some other prevention tips before you begin the move to Chicago. Your first investment should be in the right boxes, these might be pricey, but they can safely hold your flat screen TV or that expensive painting you had passed down from generation to generation. After you have the boxes and you have wrapped each item in the protective padding, gently shake the box. You don’t want to hear or feel anything move around. If you do, our team of professionals recommends adding more padding to the spaces that are not filled. Also, for large mirror or paintings, put an “X “on the back with painter’s tape, this is just one extra little step that can prevent the glass or painting from shattering.

Packing valuables takes a lot of times and precision, which is why many people call on professionals to get the job done. All of our movers are equipped with insurance, so you don’t have to worry about something breaking. Contact our Chicago relocation service providers to help start your move to Chicago the safe way.