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Why Choose a Moving Company

You may or may not already know that moving is not always the most exhilarating thing in the world. Now, you may have fallen in love with the city of Chicago or one of its beautiful suburbs and you are just over the moon happy to finally be all moved-in, but, until then, you’ve still got to actually move! Don’t think of it as too much of a bummer, there are professional movers in Chicago eager to help you out. Don’t sweat the whole thing, let our Chicago movers do that for you—it’s our job!

VALUE. Hiring Chicago movers is not just some arbitrary expense, as a matter of fact, it could be one of the best uses for your money. That’s reason number 1 for hiring a moving company in Chicago to help you get out of one place and into another. Think about it—moving is not always simply getting a couple boxes, tossing your belongings in, then into a truck, and into the new house; moving is knowing all your belongings, scheduling, organization, categorization, packing, strategically loading and unloading vehicles, traveling in-between, having to make sure there was nothing left behind, and being sure that there was no damage to any of your belongings.

There are more exhaustive lists out there, like Updater’s “Most Epic Moving Checklist,” which details just about every step for the perfect move, or RealSimple.com’s moving checklist, which is not quite as exhaustive and will be more than enough to get the job done. Whatever checklist you find useful or create, you’ll want to be mindful of what goes into a move.

TIME. Another thing you should remember is that moving takes time. This fact is quite evident in the previously mentioned checklists. Sometimes, a move will require working a couple extra hours per day for more than a month—with few to no days off! Time is reason number 2 you should hire a moving company. Odds are, you work. Or, you are work—in other words, you’re an employer looking to relocate. In either case, hiring a mover is absolutely to your benefit. Whether you’re relocating to Chicago or need assistance moving from Chicago, time may be of the essence, and hiring a mover will save you a great amount of time and hassle.

SAFETY. Safety should be of your concern as well. The less heavy lifting and actual moving around you have to do yourself, the lower the potential you will cause yourself (or whomever is helping you) any injury. Safety is reason number 3! The more you risk injury, the higher the chance you get seriously hurt while moving, which could result in your move taking much longer and may cause greater expense and stress. In this case, hiring a mover is a total boon to you.

EQUIPMENT. A professional moving company in Chicago will have all the right tools for the move. From dollies to hand-trucks, straps, power tools, tape, and even a few things you may not even have thought of—they’ve got everything necessary to make the move! More than likely, you won’t have thousands of dollars-worth of equipment necessary for moving, so, this is reason number 4 for hiring a moving company!

ACCOUNTABILITY and CONTINGENCY. Something may break, someone may get hurt, something may go wrong during the moving process. Sometimes these things just happen and they’re out of our control—it happens. If you do it all yourself, the expense will be all yours—whether monetary, physical, or otherwise. When you hire a crew of movers, the Chicago moving company will have insurance that will cover the expenses of any accidents. Reason number 5 is accountability and insurance in the case of accidents or mishaps of any other kind.

Let’s face it, sometimes you just cannot avoid issues, especially in such a complicated process as moving in Chicago, or any other big city for that matter! Never mind the stress and hassle of having to figure out how to quell the issue when the ball is in your court, let a mover be held accountable and save yourself the worry! It’s a contingency plan, and it could save you boatloads of money in the long-run!


With All My Sons Moving & Storage of Chicago, whether you need a residential, long-distance, corporate, or commercial mover, you can count on us for the best value, a quick and efficient move, and, in the rare case an issue arises, WE will be accountable, and you will not have to worry about a thing! Our Chicago movers will work safely, so you don’t have to risk injury or damage to your belongings. We are licensed, insured, and experienced with over two decades of trusted service under our belts! Give us a call today at (630)-489-6874.