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How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move to Boise

Planning a move is always challenging; the tasks in the packing process alone can be overwhelming. Knowing what to pack and what to toss before a move is only half the battle. Actually packing everything properly and moving it all to your new house is the other half. Our professional Boise movers understand that not everyone is an expert at moving like we are. With more than 20 years of moving experience under our belts, we know how to prepare for a long-distance move! Let our team of skillful movers show you how All My Sons Moving & Storage has become a household name in moving.

Tips for Moving Long-Distance

Whether you are making a move from the West Coast to the East Coast or from Idaho to Oregon, our team of qualified Boise long-distance movers can help you get there. We not only provide reliable and efficient long-distance moving services but can also provide our clients with the best tips to help prepare for a long-distance move. Though we know the benefits of hiring professional movers, we also understand that sometimes you just want to get the job done yourself. Check out these tips for moving long-distance from our movers in Boise!

Create a moving plan right away

The sooner you develop a plan for your move, the faster you can put it into action! If you are about to move hundreds of miles away from your current home, you want to be as prepared as possible. So, step one in preparing for a long-distance move is making a plan! The best way to stay organized is to write your moving plan down and reference it whenever you make a change or add something to your schedule. Be sure to include everything related to the relocation, from small tasks like changing your address to larger tasks such as packing! Creating a moving checklist can really help you see what you have accomplished and what still needs to get done.

Keep to your schedule

Once you have made a moving plan for yourself, stick to it! Be sure to have all the necessary appointments, like electric and internet installation, scheduled for days and times you are available. Since most of these items on your checklist are time-sensitive, you will want to space them out so you avoid any last-minute scrambling. When preparing for a long-distance move, scheduling is everything. Without it, you will likely have an inefficient moving experience.

Get quotes for your move

It is a lot better to get a series of quotes as you’re preparing for a long-distance relocation; don’t necessarily go with the first one you get. Different moving companies offer their clients different services at a range of prices. All My Sons Moving & Storage offers no-obligation moving quotes to clients who are interested in learning about a long-distance move. For the most accurate quote, we recommend making sure your home is properly prepared for the estimate.

Make sure your moving company is reputable

After you have chosen the best moving company for you, the next step in preparing for a long-distance move is making sure that you are working with a reputable moving company. All My Sons Moving & Storage is a licensed and insured moving service in Boise – we know how to execute a professional long-distance move. We understand your valuables are important and will make sure that they are delivered in the same condition you left them in.

Make sure to purchase moving insurance

Since your belongings are going to be traveling a long distance without you, making sure that you purchase moving insurance is extremely important.  If you are not sure of the kinds of moving insurance offered or which one to purchase for your move, our Boise movers can tell you all about moving insurance!

All My Sons Moving & Storage is happy to travel the miles to get you to your new home. Let us take care of preparing for a long-distance move for you, with our professional Boise moving service. Contact us today for your no-obligation quote!