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Outdoor Entertaining Mistakes to Avoid

If you are planning to host a party this Fall and want to take advantage of the cooler weather in Boise, our residential Boise movers would agree that is a great idea! Summers can be too hot to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, so it only makes sense to celebrate the cooler air with your closest friends outside. Enjoy celebrating a special occasion or just the nice weather with friends while being a good host.

Our local movers in Boise want to share entertaining mistakes to avoid, to be a good host. We have put together some of the most common issues a host or hostess is likely to encounter when throwing a party and how to avoid them.


1. Not having enough food or drinks.
Not having the right amount of food and drink is the ultimate party foul. Before planning to host a party, make sure that you have an accurate headcount of the people planning to attend. Order enough food and drink for about 5-10 extra people just in case someone unexpected turns up. This way, if no one extra shows up, you will not run out of anything.

2. Not having a plan to keep the pests away.

No one likes mosquitoes. If you are hosting an outdoor party, this is an important entertaining mistake to avoid- not having insect repellant. Flying bugs make everyone unhappy and will ruin the good time of your evening. Keep everyone happy and have fun by making sure they can stay bite-free!

3. Not having chairs for people to sit down.

Though some people prefer to stand at parties rather than sit, you will want to make sure this is the reason for a guest standing and not because you have run out of seating. Just like you will want to plan on ordering extra food and drink, you will also want to make sure you have ordered extra seating as well, this way every guest can sit if they want to.

4. Not planning for inclement weather.

Though in the fall you can usually count on perfect weather, there is always the chance of a rainy day. Be sure to plan for what you will do in the event of a turn in the weather. Failing to plan for this can not only ruin your party but also endanger your guests.

5. Not being prepared for a temperature change.

In some places, the days are warmer, and the temperature falls as night approaches. An entertaining mistake to avoid when hosting an outdoor party is not being prepared for the change in temperature. Be sure to have a way for people to warm up as the night goes on. Whether it's an outdoor fireplace or having extra blankets for people to wrap themselves in, making sure your guests can stay warm is a must!

6. Forgetting to be neighborly.

If you are planning a backyard soiree, do not forget to invite your neighbors! Inviting them will take away the worry of music being too loud and disruptive while they are trying to enjoy their evening at home. If your neighbor declines the invite to attend, at least you would have let them know in advance that they can expect some noise and they can plan accordingly.

Our Boise movers hope that pointing out these entertaining mistakes will guide you toward being a good host or hostess for your next backyard party! We are here to help with moving equipment for your party, to your home. Contact us today to see how we can help you!