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What To Do If Moving Boxes Get Lost

No one wants to consider the worst during a move. With so much already on your plate, the last thing you want to think about is what to do if your moving boxes get lost during the move. In a perfect world, this wouldn’t happen, but mistakes and accidents happen all the time. Instead of freaking out like most of us would do, our professional Greenville movers explain what you should do if you find yourself in this situation.


Take a Deep Breath

While you may want to scream and panic at the thought of your moving boxes getting lost during the move, take a deep breath. Another one. Kepp going until your heartbeat slows down again. Keep in mind that moving boxes get lost all the time and you are not the first person to go through this. In fact, professional moving companies are trained to handle similar situations.



Before you blame anyone, you may want to double and triple-check that your items or boxes are truly lost. Make sure you have checked all vehicles that transported your belongings; perhaps it is still on the moving van. Look through every single box to make sure they have all been emptied. Keep in mind it is very easy for things to get lost in the middle of unpacking because things are all over the place. You may not have realized you put it somewhere temporarily to get it out of the way and you just forgot. If you still cannot find the missing box or item, proceed to step 3.


File a Claim with Your Moving Company

After making absolutely sure that the box or item is not among your belongings and your aren’t sure what to do if moving boxes get lost, file a claim with the moving company or third party moving insurance if you purchased one. Be prepared with as much relevant information as you can. Note what the box contained, the approximate value and importance of the items, and if the box itself had any distinguishing features. Try to recall the last time and place you or others involved remember seeing the box. Your professional movers will then be able to go through the inventory list to see if it was left on the moving van or if it’s simply gone. If it happens that your box is really gone, depending on the mover's insurance you chose, the moving company will compensate you for your loss.


Give It Time

Sometimes, after exhausting all possibilities, the only thing you can do is wait. No one likes waiting for news, especially regarding missing items, but this all you can do. Check back with the moving company regularly in case they have any updates. Talk to friends and family to help ease your worries.


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