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What Packing Supplies Will I Need?

Getting ready for your move to Greenville, but not entirely sure what supplies you’re going to need? No worries, we’ve got you covered here. Sometimes it depends on the belongings that you have and how much you’re moving. You don’t necessarily want to just get thirty large, heavy duty boxes and a quarter ton of packing paper and tape. Sure, that may fit all your stuff, but it could be mighty difficult and unsafe to move it all. So, here’s what you need to do:

Determine What You’ve Got.

You may only need a few small boxes and a partition or two to take care of your dishes and glassware in your kitchen. A medium-sized box or two should take care of small appliances, plastic items, pet toys, clocks, and similar-sized items. A large box is useful for larger, but mostly lighter items, like pillows, blankets, cushions, and the like. So, figure out what you have and then determine the kinds of boxes you’ll need.

Roundup the Essentials.

Most people have the essentials lying around the house already. Find your permanent markers, a pair of scissors, masking tape or sticker labels, and packing tape along with your boxes, and you should be just about set. Now, what you may not have just freely sitting around the house is a roll of bubble wrap or a bunch of packing paper. You could always go out and purchase these things, no problem. However, you can substitute-in some items you may have in the house, like T-shirts, jackets, bedsheets, throw blankets, wrapping paper, old newspapers and magazines—that kind of stuff.

The Tools for the Job.

Don’t forget, packing is not just about putting things in boxes, it also involves loading a moving truck. You may need to get your hands on some bungee cords, ratchet tie downs, a dolly/hand-truck, or perhaps some rope. Perhaps you’ll get good use out of a good pair of work gloves, too! These items will move and secure your boxes, appliances, and larger belongings with a higher degree of ease.

Basically, you want to be sure of yourself and your belongings. Sure, getting more than you need adds a degree of security for the cases in which you may need the extra stuff, but you shouldn’t overdo it. You shouldn’t be left over with ten empty boxes and a whole roll of packing paper, three rolls of unused tape, and so on. Save yourself the money, save the hassle, and be sure of what you need.


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