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Questions to Ask Your Movers

Whether you need move to Greenville because of a new job opportunity, family situations, or just a change in scenery, you’re going to need some help in order to relocate. Yet, with the numerous relocation businesses out there, it can be hard to narrow down which one will give you the best bang for your buck. This is when you must become vigilant in your relocation shopping and ask the right questions to see what relocation service is right for you. Our Greenville movers are open to any and every question to find the right relocation package to suit your moving needs.

How to Evaluate Moving Companies

Shopping for a reliable moving company requires some investigating, but, in the end, you’ll be pleased that you took the time to save money and hassle. Before you ask a mover questions, learn how to evaluate moving companies by assessing their ratings and reading their reviews. What customers have to say about their personal experience with a moving company says a lot about the service they may provide to you. Visit the Better Business Bureau’s site to not only read the reviews, but to inspect the moving company’s reports, letter ratings, as well as any government actions.1

Another way to know how to evaluate moving companies is to check if they operate under multiple names. Again, you can find this information on the Better Business Bureau’s website. Check to see if the relocation company has a local address and call the business to see if the employees answer with the full name of the company. Our Greenville movers will always answer the phone with “All My Sons Moving & Storage,” so you’re assured we operate only under one name.

What to Ask When Getting a Moving Quote

When you’ve finally narrowed down your choices to a few reliable moving companies, such as our South Carolina movers, make a list questions to ask the movers. One important question to ask your movers is if there are any additional fees aside from the cost for service. Most moving companies charge extra on a “floor by floor” basis. This basically means the more stairs your movers have to climb, the more they will charge. Moving from a two-story house will cost more than moving from a one-story house and the higher up your apartment is located in the building, the more you will be charged, regardless of whether or not there is a service elevator available. Our Greenville movers are transparent about listing every detail of your moving quote, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees when you choose our relocation services.

In addition to inquiries about hidden fees, ask if there is a deposit required before moving. Most reputable relocation companies, such as our Greenville movers, won’t ask for a large deposit upfront. You should only pay for moving services upon delivery. If you decide to pay in advance, use a credit card to protect you from scams. Paying in advance also won’t guarantee you’ll see your belongings again.

Moving to Greenville with All My Sons

After you’ve decided to hire our South Carolina movers for your move to Greenville, you’ll be provided quality and transparent service. We have been in the relocation industry for years and we handle our customers’ belongings as if they were our own. Our licensed movers have years of experience moving families and businesses across the USA, so you can expect a smooth, hassle-free move to Greenville. Call us today for your free, moving quote.



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