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Prepping for a Commercial Move

A commercial move is not always the simplest of tasks to complete, as a matter of fact, it could be downright stressful for scores of people: the executives, administrators, senior members, junior members, and even the newest employees. It has to get done, though, and we’re here not only as your Greenville commercial movers, but as a helping hand to prep you for the big move to Greenville.

For a commercial move, you are going to want to establish a moving committee made up of reps from the major departments: Operations, IT, and HR, among others. Together, you must come up with a preliminary budget, determine whether or not you need a third-party management consultant for your move, and prepare all tech and information systems (electronic and physical) for the move.

It is imperative that you notify the IRS about the address change. Just as well, your insurance carrier, the tax board, vendors who service your current location, the Employment Development Department, Secretary of State, and, of course, your clients.

If you are planning on offering your employees a corporate relocation package, you must also prepare one at least a month prior to the move. Remember to educate your employees on the move; not simply the time and the location, but on what may be tax deductible, what the company is taking care of, what will have to be out-of-pocket, and how they may be compensated for the relocation. Make sure to answer all questions and quell all concerns they may have.

Before packing, you may want your moving company to survey the offices and take a proper inventory of everything, so they may accurately assess the cost and time it would take for the move to be completed. Then, of course, you’ll want to get packing—it would be wise to have a professional moving company take care of the entire process so that it all goes smoothly and without issue.

It may also be a good time to be sure that all letterheads, branded stationery, e-mail signatures, advertisements, and other marketing tools are updated for the new location. This could take a good deal of time for large corporate orders, so be sure to get a quote more than a month in advance.

After your move to Greenville, it may be useful to have a supervisor direct the movers as to where each item belongs. It would be best to have the movers do all the unpacking, as opposed to giving them a hand; although the intention is to help, the whole process can become convoluted and confusing in the case that something is forgotten—whether it’s a check on the list or part one of an item was placed in one room, but part two was placed somewhere else.


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