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Moving with Pets

As you plan your move to Greenville, you may be excited to move into your new home, especially with your furry friend. However, moving with pets is a bit different than moving without. There are some factors that you must consider before, during, and after your transition to your new home when moving with pets. But don’t worry, our professional movers at All My Sons Greenville have some useful tips to help you move with your furry friend.

Create an Overnight Kit

Depending on the duration of your move to Greenville, you may need to create an overnight kit for your pet. This kit should include enough food, cat litter, toys, and grooming tools to help your furry friends remain comfortable throughout the journey. This way, your pet won’t be as likely to get anxious in the midst of this major change. In addition, the overnight kit will be easily accessible as soon as you move into your new home until you unpack the rest of your pets’ belongings.

Health Records

Before you move to Greenville, contact your pet’s vet to obtain health records and surplus prescription medication your pet may need during and after the move. When contacting the former vet, ask for new veterinarian recommendations in Greenville. The health records can also help your pet’s new veterinarian give the best care he or she may need. Since most states require pets to have rabies tags, double-check with your vet to see if your pet is required to have one.

Keeping Your Pet Safe as You Move

During your move to Greenville, keeping your pet safe will be at the top of your list. Start off by making sure they have appropriate ID tags attached to their collar, or a leg band for birds. The information on the tag should include: pet’s name, your name, the new home address, and your best contact number. Make sure your pet is entered into a recovery system through a microchip, just in case your pet gets lost.

Keep leashes or chains on hand to keep your pets close by. Sometimes dogs can break leashes, so keep a spare just in case. If you’re moving with pets by airplane, keep your pet in a carrier while in the cabin. When moving with pets in a car, you can keep your pet out of a carrier to help reduce their anxiety.

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