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How to Move a Refrigerator Safely

Relocating your appliances is a very tricky and tough task. Appliances are among your larger belongings and require a lot of special care when moving them. While transporting your fridge can be tough, it is a lot cheaper than purchasing a new one. Don't worry if you have never transported a refrigerator before! Our dedicated Greenville share how to move a refrigerator safely. 

Gather the Necessary Supplies 

Before you begin transporting your fridge, you must gather the necessary supplies. The last thing you need on moving day is to realize you don’t have enough rope, tape or a proper dolly. To ensure you have a simple and effortless move, try to purchase the necessary supplies ahead of time. Here are a few supplies you should consider purchasing to help move a refrigerator safely. 

1. Packing tape 

2. Measuring tape 

3. Moving blankets 

4. Moving straps  

5. Rope or strong cord 

6. Cleaning supplies 

7. Packing tape  

8. Scissors 

9. Large moving dolly

Refrigerators are extremely heavy in weight and large in size, which makes it even harder to transport. If you want to avoid any injuries, make sure you have a friend, family member or professional local Greenville movers there to help.

Measure Beforehand 

According to our residential Greenville movers, people often forget to measure before moving day and their large appliances might not fit through the door and tight hallways. You need to measure beforehand to ensure you have enough space to move the items properly. Unlike your furniture, you can’t take apart a fridge before relocation. Using a measuring tape, check the height, width and depth of your refrigerator. After measuring the actual fridge, measure your door and entryway to see if you have enough space to move your refrigerator safely. To save time, make sure you measure beforehand and figure out the kinks to know if you need to remove any doors to fit your fridge. 

Clean Out Your Fridge 

In order to move a refrigerator safely, you must adequately defrost it beforehand. Start by cleaning out your fridge of all food and wiping down any messes. Once you unplug the refrigerator, it will have the potential of rotting the items left inside. Please get rid of all perishable belongings because they will not transfer well to your new home. After the fridge is empty, use your trusted cleaning supplies to remove any stains and messes while also disinfecting the surfaces. Look up your owner’s manual for specific instructions for defrosting the fridge. Our Greenville long-distance movers can’t stress it enough how important it is to have a fridge that is as dry as possible when it’s moving day. 

Moving Your Refrigerator 

The day has finally come to move your refrigerator safely. It's time to secure your fridge and get it ready to transport to your new home. Begin by removing your shelves and wrapping them with moving blankets to protect the glass. Wrap up the cord and the doors using a strong cord or rope to ensure everything is tightly in place. Slide the dolly carefully underneath the refrigerator while keeping it vertical and never turning it on its side. Once the dolly is under the fridge, use your moving straps to lock it into place. Tip back the dolly with one person in front and one in the back, and another one is directing them. Make sure to take it slow and steady as you are transporting the fridge into the truck and your new home. 

Our moving company wishes you the best of luck moving the refrigerator into your new home. Please call our dedicated team today to learn more about our moving resources. We are here if you need any assistance with your Greenville relocation.