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Have a Smart Move with Your Smartphone: Best Moving Apps

There’s an app for everything—even moving.

Smartphones are smart for a reason, so wise-up and use an app to mover smarter. Instead of playing Clash of Clans with your phone, you can organize the layout of your new home before your move to Greenville. There are plenty of moving apps to choose from, including ones that allow you to construct a 3D layout of your new place – and even apps that help you pack.

Here are the top smartphone apps that you should download today to make your move a whole lot easier:



So, you want to move to Greenville but aren’t sure where to. Do you want an apartment or a house? Zillow can help you make those tough decisions with reliable listings of available real estate in your desired area. Filled with pictures and accurate quotes, this app is trustworthy and sure to help you find a new place to call your home.



Decision after decision—there are so many choices that must be made while moving. After picking your home and planning your move, you will probably be searching for a reliable moving company to hire. With Unpakt, all you have to do is enter your moving location information and dozens of moving companies will be presented to you.

This app will not be necessary if you decide to go with your All My Sons Greenville movers. You won’t have to worry about the success and efficiency of your move with these experts. They know exactly what to do to make your move as easy as downloading one of these moving apps.



Out of all the moving apps available, this one’s the most exciting. MagicPlan is exactly what its name suggests. After downloading it, you can take photos of your new home to construct a 3D layout of the house complete with furniture and décor. This app allows you to get ahead in laying out your floorplan and organizing your new home after your move. So, put down Farmville and plan for your move to Greenville instead.



Do you get a rush out off checking something off a list? Wunderlist is the app for you. Complete with list options, schedules, and other planning features, you can organize your entire move in the palm of your hand. One of the best apps that help you pack and schedule, Wunderlist even allows you to share your lists with friends and family and assign tasks to other people, as well.



Delivery is key after moving. In the mood for pizza after a long move to Greenville but don’t feel like leaving your new house? Postmates connects you with varieties of restaurants, grocery stores, and retailers that deliver right to your new home. Don’t waste time going out to eat or cooking something up with the little ingredients you have. The chaos of moving makes ordering takeout a foolproof idea.

Before your move to Greenville, go virtual shopping in the App Store and download some apps that will hack your move and make it as easy as a couple of clicks on a smartphone.