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Cheap Packing Tricks For Your Move

If you haven’t heard, moving is expensive. Down payments or deposits, installation fees, and hiring professional movers are all expenses you need to think about for a move. Packing supplies might seem inexpensive, but they can quickly add up every time you purchase another roll of tape or another set of moving boxes. Keeping track of all your moving expenses can be difficult but it’s also necessary. There are ways you can mitigate moving costs, though. Our Greensville movers share a few cheap packing tricks you can use when you’re moving!


Assess the Amount of Stuff You Own

Before you can even pack, you will need to know how much stuff you have in the first place. Review your belongings and decide what you want to keep and what you want to donate. You should also consider selling some of your times on apps like OfferUp or LetGo to make a little extra cash, which can also help offset the cost of moving. Bonus: less stuff that you have to pack means you don’t need as many packing supplies, which is another way to save money when moving.


Packing Material

Even though packing material is usually discarded without a second thought after you’ve unpacked everything in your new house, you’d be surprised how expensive things like bubble wrap, tape, and packing peanuts can get. One of the easy cheap packing tricks is to try to source some of these materials for free. Grocery stores and sometimes even some retail stores are often more than willing to give their inventory boxes to anyone who asks. If you work in an office, paper boxes are excellent because they’re sturdy and feature handles to make them easier to stack and carry.

Don’t spend money on things like packing peanuts and bubble wrap. Instead of throwing away all those ads and newspapers that come in the mail, use them to wrap fragile items or crumple them up and use them in place of packing peanuts. Another cheap packing trip is to use alternative materials you already have to pack up your stuff. Use luggage, any other bags, or even unconventional things like a hamper or a tall kitchen garbage container (lined with a fresh, clean bag, of course) you already own to store some of your belongings. Use spare linens to wrap your fragile items or to fill space in a box without weighing it down.

Save time and money by leaving things in the drawers as they are and just remove the drawers in order to easily move the furniture. Stack the drawers in the moving truck as is and cover them with an old sheet, towel, or tarp to keep them from getting dirty.

If you think outside the [moving] box, you’ll find there are so many ways to get creative with packing so you can save money and keep your moving costs low.


Garbage Bags

Our Greensville local movers have discovered one of the simplest cheap packing tricks – use garbage bags! Moving boxes are not cheap and you might not have the time or energy to run around town asking stores for their boxes. Garbage bags are a useful and budget-friendly packing alternative. They are perfect for storing your clothes, hangers and all, and even your shoes, with or without their boxes. You can squeeze your children’s plush toys into the large garbage bags as well. Just be weary of anything too heavy or anything with sharp edges or corners that can tear the bag up.

As a bonus, they are an ideal solution to a rainy moving day situation, not to mention the fact that, if they don’t tear, they can still be used for trash after the move. So you’re not just saving money on the move by not purchasing boxes, but you are also saving money post-move by not purchasing additional garbage bags. This is a creative, useful, affordable, and eco-friendly packing solution.


Hiring a Mover

The Greensville packing service offered by All My Sons Moving & Storage is an affordable option among our extensive range of moving services. Our professional movers will not only safely pack up your whole house but will also help you unpack later on. All of our movers are equipped with eco-friendly packing supplies that are included with the service and are available for purchase at an affordable rate if you choose to pack on your own. Contact our friendly moving consultants to learn more about our full-service moving company and see how we can deliver an exceptional moving experience within your budget. Call today for your free, no-obligation estimate.