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Best Packing Hacks When You're Moving

It’s almost time to start packing all your valuables for your move to Greenville, however, you may keep procrastinating your packing because you have no idea how to do so effectively. You may be wrapping up other relocation tasks before the day of your move while putting off your packing until the last minute. There’s no need to wait because our experienced Greenville movers can share our best packing hacks to help you pack all your belongings neatly and securely. If you have too much to pack, though, you can always use our Greenville packing services to save you money and time as you prepare for your move.

Packing Electronics

One of our best packing hacks involves your electronics since they cost a lot of money and no one wants these expensive items to be damaged during the move to Greenville. Take a picture of the back of the TV before you disconnect the cables to help you remember which cable is plugged to where after you settle into your new home.

To keep your television cables safe and organized throughout the move, as cables tend to become tangled easily, keep them organized by threading each cable through a toilet paper roll. This will keep them evenly separated as you move to Greenville.

Packing Hacks for Clothes

Before you start packing your clothing, sort through the clothes you want to keep and the clothes you’d like to donate or discard. Sorting through your clothes will help lighten your load for the big move. Get rid of clothes that you no longer want by donating them to charities such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army.1

After donating the clothes you no longer want, start packing off-season clothes first. Are you moving during the summer? Then pack all your winter clothing first and vice versa if you’re moving during the winter season. Packing these clothes first and labeling the bags or boxes will help you prioritize what to unpack first after moving into your new home.

Once you’ve packed the off-season clothing, start packing the clothes you’ll need as soon as you move to Greenville. You don’t always have to pack clothing in boxes as there are many alternatives. Use items like vacuum seal bags, wardrobe boxes, and suit cases to save money on boxes. If you must pack clothes in a box, take care to pack them only in small boxes to support their weight. Stuffing clothes into a large box can make it that much harder to carry. Also, leave your clothes on hangers to save yourself the effort of putting them on again after the move.

Make Moving Simple with All My Sons

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