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Best Neighborhoods to Live in Greenville, SC

Is Greenville, South Carolina a Good Place to Live?

Greenville is a city of history. It houses the oldest private college in South Carolina, Furman University, and the city served as a training camp for Army recruits during World War I. With so much history, it’s no wonder you’re considering moving to Greenville, SC. While you continue your research into your possible new home, you’re going to want to find the best neighborhoods in Greenville, SC. This is a city that’s rapidly expanding, with a growth in population of around 20% in the last decade. With such expansion, it’s important to know the right areas of town if you’re going to try and start a life here. Our Greenville movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage have put together a guide to the best neighborhoods in Greenville, SC. 

What are the Best Areas to Live in Greenville, SC?

Richmond Hills

Richmond Hills is one of the safest in Greenville. This community boasts a lot of youth, as it sits right next to the campus of Furman University. Because of its proximity to numerous historical sites, there are plenty of museums to visit in the area, including the Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum and the Wilkins House. For those looking for the best neighborhoods in Greenville, SC that are also affordable, Richmond Hills is our Greenville local movers’ first choice.

Overbrook Historic District

With homes built as far back as the 1800s, Overbrook Historic District is the perfect place to settle down if you’re wanting to live in a piece of history. When moving to Greenville, SC, this is one of the first neighborhoods to be instituted in the city, and continues to be one of the best neighborhoods in Greenville, SC. Near the heart of downtown, Overbrook is perfect for young professionals who want to be close to the action.

Alta Vista

Another downtown community, Alta Vista is an amazing blend of urban and nature. There are multiple parks to act as an escape from the city, including the popular Falls Park on the Reedy. Get your picnic baskets ready if you choose to move to this neck of Greenville. You’ll have plenty of things to do; even the Greenville Zoo is right up next to your area.

Hampton-Pinckney Historic District

One of the oldest in-town neighborhoods in Greenville, it is known for being the first Greenville neighborhood to have a trolley car. Another characteristic that stands out about Hampton-Pinckney is its stunning Victorian architecture — with more than 70 preserved homes dating from the 1890s. Other unique architectural styles found in this district include Gothic, Greek, Colonial Revival, and Queen Anne, making it one of the most visually interesting and best neighborhoods in Greenville, SC.


West End Historic District

West of downtown, this neighborhood dates to the 1830s when it served as the epicenter for Greenville’s textile industry. Now, this historic district is predominantly residential with a thriving arts and entertainment area. The West End community is split by a river and is home to Falls Park, which features Greenville’s unique urban waterfalls. Residents, therefore, have plenty of access to outdoor activities.


Dellwood is one of the smaller neighborhoods on this guide, but its low crime rate makes it one of the best neighborhoods in Greenville, SC, for families and young couples. If you are moving to Greenville, SC to be on the water,  Dellwood is privy to a lake so you can enjoy a weekend on the beach, even in eastern South Carolina.

The Cliffs

This is one of the more affluent neighborhoods in Greenville, SC, sitting along the outskirts of town. This is a slower-paced neighborhood, but a golfer’s dream. Jack Niklaus and Arnold Palmer have built and opened golf courses in the area. Our Greenville auto movers were quick to name The Cliffs one of the best neighborhoods in Greenville, SC.

Trust our team of professionals when moving to Greenville, SC to help you get situated into your new home. We know the streets of Greenville like the back of our hand, so your belongings will make the trip safely. With more than 20 years in the moving industry, you can also trust us to share the best neighborhoods in Greenville SC! For more information, contact our representatives today!