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4 Reasons to Move to Greenville, SC

Though there are many more reasons.

Are you looking to move soon? Do you need a change of scenery? Or a change of pace? If you want all the benefits of a big city without the stressful hustle and bustle, Greenville, South Carolina may be the place for you.

Once you decide to move to Greenville, our South Carolina moving company will be there to help. Until then, here are four reasons why a move to Greenville should be in the cards for you.


1. Downtown Greenville

Rated one of the 52 Places to Go in 2017 by the New York Times, Downtown Greenville exemplifies the city’s balance between urban sprawls and natural green spaces. A top-notch shopping and entertainment destination, downtown is home to a diverse collection of shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, and museums.

Almost everything is accessible via pedestrian-friendly outdoor plazas and walkways. Nature is never farther than a short drive away. From tree-lined streets to the “oasis within the city”, Falls Park, which features landscaped gardens, walking trails, the award-winning Liberty Bridge, and waterfalls! 


2. Strong Economy & Growing Corporate Ecosystem

If the beauty and excitement of downtown isn’t enough to convince you to move to Greenville, perhaps the booming job market is. Due to a diverse range of business and industry, Greenville’s metropolitan area is now considered the “economic engine of South Carolina.” The following are some rankings that point to the city’s strong and growing economy.

- CNN Money Top 10 Fastest Growing Cities

- Bloomberg 3rd Strongest Job Market in 2010

- Forbes 13th Best City for Young Professionals

Even though it still holds the distinction of being a medium-sized market, it has more corporate headquarters than anywhere else in South Carolina. Low tax rates, market accessibility, and a skilled workforce have brought over 170 corporate headquarters and 245 international companies to Greenville. If you move to Greenville, you might not have to job hunt for very long.


3. Top Rated Schools

If your move to Greenville will include school-age children, be rest assured that the education options available to them will be top-notch! Some of the best schools in South Carolina can be found in Greenville, particularly in the Taylors, Simpsonville, and Mauldin areas.

For kids that are about to embark on their collegiate careers and don’t want to travel to far from their new Greenville home, Furman University is a great choice! One of the premier liberal arts colleges in the United States, Furman has a beautiful historical campus as well as a Division I athletic program.


4. Mild Weather

Looking for place where the winters aren’t so cold, and the summers aren’t too blazing? With average summer temperatures at an 80-degree range and the surrounding mountains reducing humidity, you and your family can enjoy outdoor activities all spring and summer long in Greenville. Since Greenville only gets an average of 2-3 inches of snowfall each year, winters are also mild. Move to Greenville to experience this “just right” weather every day!