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2019 Interior Design Trends in Greenville


Homes in Greenville come in many different styles from traditional southern to modern contemporary. New trends are emerging, however. Charming southern homes are now incorporating modern styles and adding a unique perspective to interior design. Listed below are a few of the top 2019 interior design trends in Greenville to inspire your decorating process.


Out With the Old, In With the New— Fab Fixtures

Now that you have chosen your new home, it’s time to get rid of the old and add new touches. According to our Greenville long-distance movers, replacing the fixtures is a great way to spice up your new home. You could add industrial Edison lights in your kitchen or even a modern crystal chandelier. Industrial Edison bulbs can make your house feel stylish and cozy! Edison lights come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and styles. You could have the lights dangle individually or connected in a semi-flush. The modern take on chandeliers is blowing up in the interior design world. Modern chandeliers make great statement pieces in the center of your home. You could choose a chandelier with circle bulbs suspended in a linear position or a candle style with long, skinny lamps. Your new house is going to make a statement with your fantastic fixtures.


Subtle Swaps—Accent with Accessories

Our Greenville local movers understand choosing accessories for your new home can be tough, but remember, there is no right way to decorate your home. You could add accent pillows, an abstract mural or maybe a geometric-patterned rug to your living room. Accessories allow you to add your signature style to your home. Blending a mixture of styles, materials and patterns is an easy way to add your own touch. If you bought a black leather couch that you think seems too dark and dull in your living room, try adding neutral or colorful pillows or bright metallic fixtures to make the room pop. Maybe you purchased a rustic wood bedframe but want to add a more bohemian style to your bedroom. You could add a medallion comforter and a macramé wall hanging to offset the rustic style. Don’t be afraid to blend styles! Make sure you are sticking to your panache because staying true to yourself never goes out of style.


Goodbye Boring, Hello Popping Patterns

Your home was most likely designed with neutral colors and is waiting for you to add a splash of your personality. A couple of simple spots to add some color and patterns that pop are the kitchen and living room. There’s a wide variety of style of backsplashes to add in your kitchen. Bold backsplashes are one of the top 2019 interior design trends in Greenville. Geometric backsplashes have become widely popular due to their unique style and chic details. Another simple way to add a pop of color is on your living room couch and other furniture. Homeowners this season are incorporating more color couches and ditching neutral colors. A blush pink or navy suede couch will make your home feel cozier. Play around with color this season and choose fun patterns to make your home feel cheerier and more fun.


Now you’re on your way to decorating your new home and incorporating these interior design trends. Don’t forget any of the tips from our Greenville movers. Happy decorating!