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Why You Should Give Huge Thought to Tiny Houses

600 square feet—yep, that’s it

Imagine packing up your entire life to be squeezed into a single living room. That’s a snapshot of what living in a tiny house looks like. Before your move to Gainesville, FL, consider it, especially if you’re tired of the complexity of a more traditional house. Our Gainesville movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have witnessed this growing trend throughout the area: a giant shift towards tiny houses. It was a topic of main concern at the 2016 Alachua County Affordable Housing Summit and has continued to grow in popularity since.

Tons of residents have enlisted the help of people like our Gainesville movers to assist them in collapsing their old home and massively downsizing to fit into a tiny house. You may be thinking that such an idea is cute as a novelty act but lacks any real benefits. This would be inaccurate, though. Moving into a tiny house creates a variety of advantages which could not have existed otherwise.

Considering that the majority of Gainesville’s population consists of college students, one of these benefits is affordability. Anyone who spent any time in college knows what it feels like to be a broke college student living off Ramen and splurging on the occasional Domino’s.

Tiny houses provide a great alternative to dorms or apartments off campus. They are much cheaper to afford and maintain. Not only is the individual saving money on the cost of the place, but they are also saving money on the cleaning of it. Prices can stack up high when you’re preparing to clean your home. A smaller house means less product, and less product means more money in your pocket. Additionally, our movers see that the ease of moving is another positive side effect of living in a tiny house. Obviously, getting rid of ¾ of your life before moving won’t be easy, but afterwards, imagine how smoothly the move-in process will go with only 600 square feet worth of stuff.

From this comes the simplicity of tiny homes. As the younger generation strives to practice some form of minimalism, tiny houses provide the ideal canvas. When forced to liquidate things which won’t fit in your meager space, you realize what in life is necessary and what is not. Moving is the perfect time to assess the contents of your house, whether you’re moving into a tiny house or not, and our Gainesville movers can help you with that.

Moving into a tiny house may even allow you to craft your own design for it, as well. If you’ve ever dreamed of creating your own building, then be an amateur-architect and design your own tiny house. Not only will the layout match your preference, but you will be able to use better quality materials since the smaller structure will cost much less.

Not everyone is made for the simple life, but that shouldn’t stop you from at least giving a tiny bit of consideration to a tiny house.