What to Do First After Your Move to Fort Collins

You just wrapped up your move to Fort Collins. What’s next?

 The Fort Collins local movers know that the bigger obligations to complete after moving are more long-term items, such as choosing a school for your child or updating your driver’s license.

There are a few things you can accomplish on day one of moving in, though.

First, our Colorado moving company recommends that you create a viable layout of your new home, labeling which rooms are which. Make sure to move the appropriate boxes into the right rooms, while also taking inventory of your items. Check that nothing important or fragile got damaged or lost in the move.

Clearly, unpacking your mass of boxes will not happen in a single day, but sorting through the most important ones is a start.

Also, make sure that your bag of essentials is at hand. This includes your shampoo, soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste—all items you should not have to suffer a day without. After your move to Fort Collins, you needn’t unpack every single bag or box of more essential items if you have the daily ones available for use.

Our Fort Collins local movers then suggest setting up your necessary utilities, such as electricity and water. No one should have to miss out on a shower after a big move. Also, install other electronic items like TVs and connect to Wi-Fi if your provider is chosen and ready to go.

Having TV and Wi-Fi at some point on day one, will make your first day after moving much easier if you have kids or teens in the family. Not to mention, it will make things more enjoyable for you, too. Kick back for an episode or two in between moving in once the chaos has died down.

You should also clean the house and inspect it for any damage if you haven’t done so already. Use cleaners to ensure that you are unpacking your items in a sanitized space ready for your family to enjoy.

After your move to Fort Collins and after the stress of the first day has subsided, you can start tending to other, less pressing matters. You should change your address as soon as possible. This way you won’t be missing out on any important mail or other packages.

Everything else can wait on that first day, though. Inevitably, things will be stressful and even a bit crazy at times, so if you’ve covered your bases, you’ll be in good shape.

Don’t forget to take a moment to cool down and decompress with the family on that first day, though. This part is integral to moving success going forward. Take the family for a night-out in Fort Collins’s notable Old Town—the city’s downtown district, covered in trendy shops and chic restaurants. By doing this, you’ll even avoid the added stress of having to figure out dinner in a deconstructed home, too.